Friday, May 22, 2015

My Nephew

This guy right here.  Our Pooh Bear.  Paul Franklin Berger graduated from the United States Coast Guard boot camp today.  I have no words that can adequately describe how so very proud I am of him, that I am super proud to be his Aunt. Love him so very much.  Way to go Paul!!  Your Grammy would be so stinkin' proud of you.   

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little Bo Peep

Miss Bella made her acting debut as Little Bo Peep in the Kinder program her music class put on Tuesday evening.  And let me just say.....she nailed it!

On our way out the door.  She was so excited but nervous about wearing her costume.

Once we got to the school and all her friends were hugging her and complimenting her on the dress, she perked up...A LOT!  They were really the sweetest kids and helped her confidence out so much.

I love these pictures I got in action for two reasons.  First, this child is so complete opposite of her brother.  She is all about participation and singing, and did it with a huge smile on her face the entire program.  Second, aren't her bloomers so stinkin' cute! Chris calls them her parachute pants.  Silly kid.    


I have a video I took of her reciting her lines but I can't get it to load here.  Pretty sure its the programmer.  Total bummer because she did sooooooo good!!  3 lines that she memorized in no time. I was worried she might see all the people and freeze up. Not my girl.  She nailed it, and didn't even let the microphone flubbing up to throw her off.  So proud of her!!

Proud grandparents after the show...

And my sweet little family...

Y'all have a a good one!

Friday, May 15, 2015

No More Braces

The most exciting thing happened this week.  This kid right here in this picture with me..the one with his head down on his phone who looks thrilled to be at the orthodontist again...yep, that one right there got his braces off this week. 5 long years...

And here my dear friends is the result....isn't he just so handsome?  let me tell you, I had to work for this picture.  I threatened to tickle him into submission in the middle of Chick-fil-A.  He grinned at that because he totally knows I would do it.  I also reminded him that he should never argue or say no to his mother :).  He finally gave me this.  Oh I love it.

Before that happened. This happened Saturday.  The annual Take-A-Child Fishing Tournament hosted by Port Freeport.  My kids and Makenna helped this year and I managed to get pictures with all my help.  Kenna Bug was my partner getting the door prizes set up and making everything purdy while the kids fished.  

Christopher has always helped out with bait.  He helps pass it out to the kids after they register and then usually rides around in a golf cart to pass more out.  He skipped the carts his year and hung around to help with other stuff.  I snagged him for our annual picture together.

I finally found my girl later on to get a picture with her. She was busy riding around on the golf carts having a blast and talking the guys AND girls into getting her snow cones.  #suckers 

And look, Bobby Banana even showed up for our tournament...

The tournament is always so much fun.  A lot of work but worth it to see the kids fish.  We had a low turn out but I think the weather hurt us this year as well as it being Mother's Day weekend.  It was still a good tournament. 

Sunday was Mother's Day, Tony cooked dinner at Daddy's for all the mothers in the family.  Oh it was sooo good.  We had grilled chicken, chops and sausage along with squash, zucchini and potatoes from his garden, green beans and mac n cheese.  Yummy!  I'm so disappointed in myself that I didn't get a picture with both my children but did manage to get this one with Bella.  It also happen to be the first day I participated in a "Dress A Day In May".  

Day 10
Navy/White Maxi Dress

Day 11
Skirt - Sweet find at Macy's
Top & Shrug - Back of the closet 
Sandals - Target
Necklace - Francesca's

I have to tell you about this skirt.  I love it!  I was trying something else on at Macy's and as I was coming out of the dressing room, I spotted this skirt on the rack of items to be hung back up.  It was the right size so I snagged it up to try on.  It was a win and I was super excited.  Its comfortable and super light and cute and just well, my favorite thing in my closet right now.   

Day 12
Maxi Dress - Kohls
Denim Jacket - Maurice's last year
Shoes - Payless I think

Day 13
I had on a black maxi skirt and a t-shirt from American Eagle.
You can kind of see my skirt in this pic I posted on Instagram and my shirt in the first picture above with Christopher.  Those were the only pictures I had that day.

Two things...
1)  If you haven't read the book above, you need to!  I'm about halfway through this one and can't wait to get home to read more.  
2)  I totally wore the black maxi skirt above two days in a row..GASP!!  I know, I know...pitiful isn't it.  I didn't go to work Wednesday because I was running Christopher to his appointments, etc., so yes, when I went back to Thursday, I wore it again but with a different top.  

So Day 14 I didn't get a picture and Day 15 which is today, I'm totally in jeans.  Do you see a pattern of disappointment as far as DADIM goes this year?   Yeah, I'm not going to win the award for success in DADIM again this year.  Dadgumit.  

So that about sums up what's been happening around here.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying dry.  Y'all have a good weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2015


Can I just say I'm glad its Friday?  I'm glad its Friday.  Thank you.  It has been a rough week.  No one is sick, kids are fine but I'm just not 100%.  I don't know what it is but I'm just off.  Work has been crazy and weird and busy and, and....well just work.  There's really nothing I can put my finger on, just off.  #ithinkyougetthepoint

Amazingly, today is also May 1st.  How the heck did that happen?  This year is flying by and I have no doubt that I will soon be talking pumpkins and turkey before very long.  May also begins a "Dress A Day In May", and I will tell you that I am not wearing a dress today.  I'm wearing my favorite denim capris. They are comfy and I love them.  I probably won't wear a dress next week either.  Its the week before the Port's annual Take-A-Child Fishing Tournament which means we get to wear jeans all week along with one of the past fishing tournament shirts--part of our advertising campaign.  Its free and I have had peeps ask about the tournament when they see my shirt. So, I'll be taking part in that because this girl LOVES getting to wear jeans to work.

I think I just need a getaway and maybe should try to plan for one the next time my children are with their dad.  But I also need to plan mini getaways with my children.  Going to try harder to make that happen more this summer.

Y'all have a good one.