Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Always On My Mind

So many things I still want to ask you. So many conversations I still want to have. So many more moments I want to share.  Just so many more everythings.

8 years too dang many.  I love and miss you every single day Momma....

Friday, March 20, 2015

This Girl...

Sometimes she walks into a room and I have no words.  Case in point over Spring Break when she walked into the living room like this....

Isn't this teal eye shadow a lovely Spring color?  You too can have this.  Just go to Wal-Mart and look for Monster High makeup set.  Thanks Javie and Heather.  She LOVES it!

I think my girl looks cute everyday but I thought she was especially adorable this morning and plus its FRIDAY!!!!!!!  I asked if I could take her picture, she said yes and this happened...

I love, love, love this girl.  She makes me smile and laugh and just have fun.  Even when she's like this, I can't help but smile and thank God for giving me this precious miracle.

Y'all have a great Friday!!  

Monday, March 16, 2015

And Then This Happened...

Yes, that is MY son with his official drivers license.  He passed his test Friday!!!  While I am super excited for him, I am also a ball of nerves.  Every time he leaves the house, which has only been a handful of times since Friday, I have a lump in my throat and knots in my stomach.  I just about threw up this morning watching him leave for school.  Ugh, this is hard for me.  Much harder than I ever expected.

Before that happened Friday afternoon, this happened in the morning while waiting to see Dr. Patti....

Pure sweetness.  They really do love each other.  Both the children are great, just well check-ups for them both. While Chris and his dad were at DPS taking the test, I decided I would surprise Bella with a trip to the salon for mani/pedis.  As an added bonus, it would help me relax while Chris was taking his test (I was a wreck).  I didn't tell her where we were going, she was just excited to go somewhere! Girlfriend didn't realize until we walked in and took a good look around that we were going to get our nails done.  She was squealing with delight and I was deemed the best mommy ever!!

My girl loves getting her nails done.  She chose yellow for her toes and red for her fingers.  Mine is a pinky peachy color depending on the light.  Its been a while since I've had a manicure and my nails polished, but I have to say, I'm kinda digging it.  I feel purdy.  Ha!

Y'all have a good week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hump Day

I guess I should start off thanking all those finger crossers out there because I was successful in negotiating an additional two days of vacation this week. Can I get a "woo hoo"? I didn't sleep in this morning, boo to the hiss, but I was up early for a good reason. I went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with some family before my nephew made his way back to Florida. His trips to Texas are always too short no matter how long they actually are. We love having him here and this trip was extra special because next Tuesday, my sweet nephew is leaving for the Coast Guard. Yall, when I say time flies, this is a perfect example because it does not seem possible that this sweet curly-haired kid is old enough to be joining anything but a club at school. He's 19, excited and ready to begin a new chapter in his life. This Aunt couldn't be more proud! The CG is getting an awesome young man.

After breakfast I headed back home to do a little grocery shopping, then the kids and I went to the mall for a bit. Chris had some places he wanted to go to and we also needed to swing by Hobby Lobby for some paints for Miss Priss so she can paint her rocks. We did pick up a pair of shoes and jeans for Chris. He was a happy camper. I found a cute fly-away or vest for the Spring. I was a happy camper, as was Bella. We ended our trip with dinner at Chick-fil-A, kids choice.

We are back home, I am in my comfy pajamas all snuggled up withmy girl listening to the rain outside. I am going to sleep good tonight. It's supposed to keep raining into tomorrow so it'll be a good day to stay inside and paint...or do laundry...or just chill out.

Monday, March 9, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I got her done with a week to spare!  I have to say that when I starting cutting the material for this wreath, I may have curse myself for wanting to do this.  Its a lot of material but thankfully I did have a handy dandy rotary cutter.  Here was my situation about 7:30 last night.    

The kids sat with me while I cut the strips.  I have no idea how many strips of material I ended up with but Christopher counted 15 different patterns, 16 if you count the one I missed.  Here's my finished wreath.  

About halfway through my process, Christopher was inspired so he made a mini wreath.  Since it was 9:30 or later when we finished, I hung the wreath on the inside.  This morning at dark thirty when I was leaving the house, I moved it to the outside.  I will take a picture when I get home this afternoon so you can see it against the brown door.  I think the colors will really pop. So there's my craftiness for SPD.  I'm glad I finally did it.  My next project will be using the material from Grandma's house I mentioned before.  It will involve another wreath but this one will be bigger and fatter...and a LOT more material.  Yay me and my fun ideas!    

Update on honey and I.  We are working through things.  Neither of us want to say goodbye but we still have a lot to figure out because we don't have all the answers.  One day at a time.   

On one last note....I'm totally jealous of all the peeps who were able to sleep in this morning for Spring Break.  Do you know how hard it was to drag myself out of bed this morning, especially since it was raining, cold and dark.  Total bummer.  On a brighter note, I arrived at work to find an email telling me to cancel the board meeting this week which frees my week up so I'm negotiating a couple extra vacation days.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Ya'll have a good one all snuggled up at home!

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Fork In The Road

I'm so glad today is Friday.  This has been a draining week.  Work and personally.  I'm not in a really good place today. Honey and I are not in a good place.  We have come to a point in our relationship where we either figure out how to move forward or go our separate ways.  My head is full of so many questions and thoughts.   I don't know how to even express what I'm feeling.  I cried so much last night that my eyes were swollen this morning.  I'm emotionally exhausted.  I want to run away. Okay, maybe just go away for a couple days because we know I can't leave my babies for too long.  I just want to relax, cry, sleep....just be...have quiet.  Re-evaluate myself because right now I'm questioning everything about myself.  Maybe I'm not a good person. Maybe I do expect too much.  Maybe I have set the bar too high.  Maybe I'm being unreasonable.  Maybe I don't put forth enough effort.  No relationship is easy, they all take work. A relationship that is long distance with children is hard. How do we bring our families together?  At one time, I thought this would happen.  I'm not so sure anymore.      

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ticked Off

To the punk who thought it was cool to use someone else's account to make a purchase, I hope you are overwhelmed with guilt. Its so NOT cool, you jerk.  I'm lucky I check my account often and caught this early.  My bank worked with me to get this taken care of.  To the company who authorized the charge, shame on you for not working with me or the bank to rectify this.  You seemed to only care about your sale and the jerk who made the purchase, not the person who was taken advantage of. Jerks.

Watch your accounts folks, you never know who can get a hold of your information.  I have no idea how mine was obtained, but thankfully I did catch it early and the bank is working with me.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Blues

Happy Monday! Not really. I'm trying but gosh I really don't like Mondays.  I need another day off to make up for the lazy day I had yesterday.  Around lunchtime yesterday my head starting hurting really bad.  I took some meds and then a shower thinking that might help.  Nothing doing.  So I stayed planted on the couch, napping off and on all day.  By the evening time, I just wanted to move to my bed and sleep some more.  I still have a faint headache today.  Blaming it on this damn weather.  

Saturday, I took Bella to Build A Bear to spend the gift card her daddy gave her for her birthday.  Meet Dallas the bunny...

The other little animal she is holding is a kitty.  Looks like a bear, doesn't  it? I thought so too, until I finally really looked at it.  Its a damn cat.  

Shows you how much I really paid attention when she picked it out.  

After BAB, we grabbed some lunch and then went to Claire's, where Bella had another gift card to spend.  After perusing everything in the store multiple times, she decided on a notebook, keychains and lipgloss.  No earrings or hair accessories.  Shocking I know. Since I was a good girl, Bella allowed me to stop in one of my favorite stores, Francesca's, to look at the jewelry. They were having a BOGO sale so I found a cute little bracelet and some earrings. On our way out, we went by Home Goods.  Bella found some large animals she liked. We weren't bringing them home so she settled for pictures with them. Silly girl...

I love Home Goods and could have done some real damage in there but my main goal was to find a toilet paper storage thingy.  Bella has a hard time reaching the toilet paper in our bathroom so I decided to find one of those storage thingies that also has place to put a roll of toilet paper to use. She was all for that and let me tell you, super giddy and excited to fill er up when we got home, and equally excited to report she didn't need my help the first time she went to the bathroom.  Everyone is happy and mommy is so smart for thinking of this clever idea.   

Is it 5:00 yet?