Sunday, June 26, 2016

That's My Sister

Look who showed up on the front page of the sports section in our local newspaper....

I really can put together any other words that can express how I feel except this...
I'm super proud of you sister.  This is so well deserved.  Congratulations!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

El Maton National Hall

I realized I failed to share some pictures from our adventures last weekend.  Last month when we were at my cousin's for their annual crawfish boil, all of us cousins decided we needed to get together and go dancing in El Maton again.  We did this two years ago and had so much fun.  So we threw out a bunch of dates, gave them to the cousin in charge of making the call and waited for the set date. It turned out to be last Friday.  All week long I was actually thinking about not going.  Problem was that I was not sleeping at all last week. I could not shut my head down when I laid down at night so I was dragging ass every day, and it only got worse as the week progressed.  Thursday night I finally slept!! I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, and you know what, I've been sleeping good since then.  I was still thinking about not going but once I talked to my brother Tony and he offered to drive, I was good to go.

Oh gosh, the memories we have going dancing at this hall as kids.  Summers spent with my cousins tearing up this dance floor are ones I'll cherish forever.  Still have the wooden floors...

My cousin Diane and I...
Can you see that family resemblance?

What was really cool about this night is there was no band.  You read that right.  No band.  We played music from the jukebox which was full of the old classics as well as the new stuff.  The Vyvial cousins had the place to ourselves for the evening.  Where else can you reserve a dance hall (at no cost), bring snacks, play the music you want to hear and have an entire dance floor to yourself?  Oh my gosh, we had so much fun.  The bar was open and set-ups were available.  We all brought plenty of quarters for the jukebox and pool tables and bills for our beer.  We arrived around 8:30 and closed that place down at 2:00 am!!  Nobody left early.  Everyone stayed until they told us we had to go home.   About halfway through the night, Tony started declaring that we need to do this every month. We all agreed and then laughed because we knew it wouldn't happen.  We agreed July was too busy with vacations so we thought about getting together in August before school starts back up, but then we realized that's harvest time so may not be good.  See, already issues.  Ha!  

Here's our crew for the night....

Our hope is to get more family and friends join us each time.  Never a dull moment with this crew, and always a fun time.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vacation Time is Coming

You gotta love FB.  I totally agree with this one though! I need a vacation!!

That vacation will begin in 30 days! Its less now because I started this dadgum post last week.  I think it was last week?? See...vacation much needed!

The kids and I will be going to the river prior to heading to the beach house this year. In fact, we will miss the first 3-4 days of beach house because we'll be on another trip. We've known for almost a year that we would be gone this particular weekend but when it came time to book the beach house, this was the best week for everyone else in the family. It's all good. The kids are excited about our trip. Case in point tonight. We ventured to Academy to check out floats for the river. I was afraid we had already waited too long but we totally lucked out. Christopher was so pumped about his pick, he went to blowing it up when we finally made it home. 

And here he is trying it out...on the floor in my room...fully clothed. Weirdo.  

He also picked up a Texas flag beach towel and has swimming trunks on order.  Can you tell he's a proud Texan?  I loved the tube he chose but ended up going with the same one as Bella.  It has connectors attached to the ropes on the tubes so I can hook her to me and not lose her.  This will be her first time floating the river so I'm a tad bit nervous.  Excited.  But nervous.  Anyway, we have our list for the river started and will soon begin the list for the beach house.  I personally can not wait until my vacation begins.  It takes everything I have these days to get out of bed while my kids are out for the summer.  I hope y'all are lucky enough to have some time off.  

Cheers to summer break!!     

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Daddy's Day

To the best Daddy a girl could have, and the best Pop to my children. We are pretty lucky to have him on our side. I love Daddy...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Miss You A Lot

This pretty much sums up how I felt yesterday and again today, although yesterday I couldn't look at your picture on my desk or say your name without tearing up or choking up.  All I know is that I miss you something awful, more than usual.  You were in my dreams the other night but I can't remember them, I just know you were there.  

I keep your picture on my desk at work.  It sits in a frame that holds a picture of Jace and I.  See, there you are...

I'm sure somewhere in all our albums and picture boxes, there is a picture of us together that is frame worthy, but I haven't found one yet.  The closest is of us on my wedding day and well, that's not happening.  No offense to you Mom.  I think you understand.  I do have this picture that hangs on the refrigerator at home...

You know, when I look at this picture, I can see that Bella is just like me.  Loves her Mommy a whole bunch.  Tony tells me all the time that she is Missy made over but some days I just don't see it because I just don't remember being as prissy as she is.  Other days, its painfully obvious. Ha! 

This is what I do know.  I love you a whole bunch.  I miss you a whole bunch.  I wish every day I could have another day with you. Life can be hard and some days you just need your Momma.  Can you please work on that direct dial to Heaven?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello June

Well guys, we made it through another school year and I am proud to say that both my children passed all their classes for the year!  Bella was never really a worry but Christopher Michael and geometry were.  We now have a Junior and a 2nd Grader in our house.  Bella ended the year with Perfect Attendance and A-B Honor Roll. She was super proud of her awards, as was Momma.

Thursday evening, Bella and I hit road bound for Austin and the State Tournament.  The girls came up short for a win in the semi-final game against Gregory Portland but these girls have absolutely nothing to hang their heads about.  They had an outstanding season and should stand tall and proud of their accomplishments.  

All my pictures were taken prior to the game because once it started, I was a nervous wreck the entire game.  As you can imagine, I was pretty stoked to be at McCombs Field being the UT fan that I am.  This was in line to purchase our tickets to get in...

It was a gold shoe kind of day...

I had to get a picture with Texas Longhorns in the back ground (insert big cheesy smile)

This next picture turned out great I thought.  Cindy and Makenna walked over to say hello and I snapped this picture of them on the field.  They were just as giddy, if not more, about being on the field.

And that was everything I took at the game.  I told you I was a wreck.  I do want to share the vision picture my sister took prior to the game.  During the play-offs, she had started sharing these moments on FB before the second game.  She couldn't wait to get from centerfield at McCombs... 

Pretty bad ass if you ask me!!

After our heartbreaking loss, Daddy & Lena made the decision to head back home.  I decided that Bella and I would head to El Campo to catch my Godson's graduation that evening. I was lucky enough to get a two-fer at graduation as my third cousin, Bailey Popp was also graduation from El Campo that night.

William Wade Wallace 

I didn't get a picture with Bailey but I did get to hug her neck :)

We drove back home late Friday night and I'm sure glad we did because the next morning I read that parts of Highway 35 were closed due to flooding from the Brazos River.  That was my route back into town. Had I waited, we would of had to detour around to get home. We were exhausted when we got home and I was more exhausted than I thought because I didn't roll out of bed until noon!  I can't remember the last time I have done that!  Needless to say, Saturday was a very lazy day around the house.

Sunday we went to one of my dearest friends house for her son's graduation party.  Sometimes I still can't believe we have children old enough to be graduating high school already.  Just crazy. 

Jana and her son Jordan...

We got a little silly, crazy, nostalgic or whatever you want to call it when we took this next picture.

  We were originally just going to take a normal everyday picture of us, but somebody got the idea to re-create the picture that was taken in the hospital 18 years ago.  Lordy, we are crazy...

We were only missing Tanya on the far right.  Yep, we're crazy bunch of girls.  
Jordan was good sport though. 

And when you get this group of ladies together, we always have to get a picture of us.

Jennifer, Jana, Stacy, me....

It was a fun, sad, crazy and fantastic 3-day whirlwind weekend.  Two things that would have made it better.  Winning the State Tournament and having honey with us to share all the exciting moments through the weekend.  

Cheers to a great week!