Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Friday the kids and I traveled to Needville to see the season opener for the Needville Blue Jays.  My cousin Dina lives in Needville with her two boys, J.T. and Brad.  J.T. made Varsity this year...he's a sophomore.  We're just a little excited about that.  Friday night was also Parent's Night so I wanted to see my dear cousin walk the field with her boy!  Here are a few pictures I snapped from way up in the stands...

That's my cuz and her boy in front about to walk...

And here they are making their way down the field...

smile purty for the camera...

As I'm snapping this picture....

this is going on....
Dina is Isabella's Godmomma, so she was just tickled to pieces when Bella went right to her

I just love this next shot of the teams out for the coin toss.  J.T. is right there in the middle, #80.
So stinkin' proud of that boy!!

Later I snapped these other two pictures...

I was told by my other cousin Anne (Dina's sister) that the next time we come to a football game, she expects Miss Bella to be in a Blue Jays dress.  Guess I'd better get to working on that! 

The game was great, what I did get to see. J.T. made his debut on the kick-off return.  He got in quite a bit of playing time.  Had some good hits and even knocked down a pass attempt by the Edna Cowboys.  Edna prevailed in this game winning 21-7.  Still needs some work but it was the first game and I know he and the Blue Jays will only improve from here.  Can't wait to see more games!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

5th Day of School

Yea, yea I hear ya...what's with the 5th day of school?  Well, me being the super awesome Mommy that I am, forgot to take pictures of the kids on the first day of school.  It was just one of those mornings and we got out the door without me snapping my camera.  I had it with me when I took Chris to school but refrained from taking pictures and embarrassing him and I didn't even kiss him good-bye.  I waved from a distance.  Sniff, sniff...that was VERY HARD TO DO!!! 

So anyway, Friday when we were all gussied up in our purple I took a few extra minutes and took these pictures of my precious babies.  And let me just say, I want to eat them both! 

And now for the close-up....

I seriously could take pictures of these kids all day long!!  I love them so...and they are mine.  All mine.  You can't have them.  Go get your own cute adorable precious kids!  :)))

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken Strips & Conversation

I scored Mommy points with my son the other night.  I made chicken strips with french fries, gravy and green beans and he told me he would give me a ten x 3!! was better than Whataburger! 

I have been trying to come up with new ideas for dinner.  I've done chicken strips before but never with gravy and french fries.  We love the chicken baskets from Red Top, Whataburger and others places and I thought why not do it myself?  I did and it was great!  Christopher's tastes are changing so that has really prompted me to come up with new things.  We made Spaghetti Tacos Sunday night which is your basic spaghetti recipe stuffed in taco shells.  He heard about it on iCarly and asked me to make them. I did and they were not a bad treat either. 

Another thing I realized as we were eating dinner is how much I love having dinner together at the table.  Just us sitting together talking about our day and enjoying the good food.  Some of our best conversations have been while having dinner together.  I love times like those.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am The Worrier

Note:  I started this post Monday morning.

It has been noted over the years that I am a worrier.  I think sometimes I might have a problem with the worrying.  Seriously, I fret about everything, big and small.  Things that are insignificant to most, huge to me.  Hence was the problem last night.  Miss Bella decided to stay up later than her usual bedtime and finally gave it up about 10:15.  As tired as I was from working on the house over the weekend (more painting) I was still wide awake.  Laundry was done, all piles for school were ready for the morning, house was picked up, kitchen was clean and my feet were achy so I watched tv.  Decided to try and close my eyes about 11:15.  Yea...that didn't work.  I tossed and turned and worried and fretted and worried some more til about 3:30.  Needless to say, when that alarm clock went off at 5:15, I felt like I had only been asleep for minutes.  Very hard time getting up this morning but I had to because today was the first day back to school!  This was part of my worrying. Christopher is at a new school this year...he's not at all concerned but Momma is.  And because I am such an awesome Mom (cough cough), I didn't read the paperwork given to me on Tuesday until late Sunday afternoon and realized I couldn't deliver my boy to school at 7:00 in the morning.  Crap!! Panic set in. All the plans that had been worked out now needed to be revamped...and it was...and all is right in the world again.  The other parts of my worrying was the house, we are probably under two weeks until this baby is finally on the market!  Two weeks!  All this time I have been bitching to get it done, get it done and its finally here and now....I'm worried about it selling.  Will it sell?  Will it sit?  Did we do enough?  What to pack?  What to leave out?  How to stage the house?  Getting it cleaned up....I could go gone but I think you get a pretty good idea of how my mind works when I can't sleep.  It just starts running and one thought leads to another thought and pretty soon its morning and I look like this....

I'll close this post now but I hope I made you laugh....have a great day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

19 Months

This sweet girl is 19 months old!  19 months old!  Do you hear me?  Its so hard to believe.  I mean, wasn't it just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, learning how to care for a baby again, freaking out every time she made a noise that didn't sound normal, scared to leave the house by myself with her...but loving every stinkin' minute of my time with her.  Yep, I do believe that was just yesterday.  

Miss Isabella Marie is such a fun girl.  She has the best personality which she is showing off in the picture above.  This was her disguise in Wal-Mart so the papparazzi wouldn't find her.  I am amazed every day at all the new things my girl is learning to do. A new word here...climbing onto something there...a look she's never given me before....and the loving she gives is the absolute best!  

I'm so glad I have this blog to document her milestones because lets face it, the baby book hasn't received much attention in quite a while!

I haven't put you on the scale to see what you weigh, but Mommy is building up some serious muscles, that for sure!  You're still my chunky princess and I love it!

When I hold you, you will pat my back and then rub my back.  It is the sweetest feeling...that little hand.  

You also will wrap your little arms around my neck and squeeze really tight...another sweet feeling.

You give kisses now and also getting really good at blowing kisses...with sound!

You have your pageant wave down pat!

Your smile is contagious!

Words you are saying...Mommy, Bubba, Dada, Binky (or something like it), Elmo, Fish, Thank you, Cookie...

You still love your binky.

Shoes. You love shoes (see pictures below) and you love to wear shoes.  I love shoes but I certainly don't like wearing them. I would walk around barefoot if I could during the summer time so I'm not sure where that comes from.  


 love to read and to be read to. You love pointing to different things in the books and have us tell you what it is. still LOVE music and LOVE to dance!

Food...fruit chews, dry cereal, chicken, rice, mac n cheese, avocado, sausage, crackers, salad, goldfish, cookies, raviolis, soup, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, pancakes, juice, gatorade, milk, ICE!!

I love picking you up from daycare in the afternoons because every time I see you, you run to me with the biggest smile on your face and it makes all Mommy's worries, stress and unpleasantries go away.

I love you sweet girl. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Like Crazy

My newest most favoritest song in this moment is..."Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice.  I LOVE it!!!  LOVE it!!! 

I won't keep you on pins and is a link to see the video. I'll also posted the lyrics for you.  I hope you enjoy it!  Have a great Friday!!!  Oh yes...Mr. Brice ain't bad to look at either!!  Ha!

They called them crazy when they started out
Said seventeen's too young to know what loves about
They've been together fifty-eight years now
That’s crazy

He brought home sixty-seven bucks a week
He bought a little 2 bedroom house on Maple Street
Where she blessed him with six more mouths to feed
Yea that’s crazy

Just ask him how he did it; he'll say pull up a seat
It'll only take a minute, to tell you everything
Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I Love You
Go to work, do your best, don't outsmart your common since
Never let your prayin' knees get lazy
And love like crazy

They called him crazy when he quit his job
Said them home computers, boy they'll never take off
He sold his one man shop to Microsoft
They paid like crazy

Just ask him how he made it
He'll tell you faith and sweat
And the heart of a faithful woman,
Who never let him forget

Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I Love You
Go to work, do your best, don't outsmart your common since
Never let your prayin knees get lazy
And love like crazy

Always treat your woman like a lady
Never get to old to call her baby
Never let your prayin knees get lazy
And love like crazy

They called him crazy when they started out
They've been together fifty-eight years now
Aint that crazy?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Berger Siblings

Here we are...all 4 of us!  Oldest to youngest...the baby's idea to put us in order! 

Anthony Wade (Tony), Matthew Bryan (Bryan), Michaela Anne (Missy) and Cynthia Lynn (Cindy)

I had to document this picture because its a rare thing to actually have us all together AND taking a picture.  I had to bribe Bryan to do this (he hates taking pictures)...promising it was only one.  It was only one, but then others showed up and wanted more pictures...and then we decided to take one with Daddy and it was all downhill from there.  Snicker, snicker...

Here's the picture we took with Daddy...

I love this brothers, my sister and my Daddy.  They are my rocks when I need them most.  You need something, they are there in a flash, no questions asked.  I love that about us.  Its an awesome thing to have family. you think we look alike?