Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I'm wishing I was at home baking sweet treats and putting up more decorations for all the little goblins this evening, but I'm not.  I'm slaving away at work...well NOT at this moment.  Haha!

Isn't my girl the cutest...

I say, "let me take your picture" and she assumes this position and smiles.  My goodness she is beautiful.  

Love this girl so much!

I saw these pictures on FB...

LOVE it!!  Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is really right around the corner.  Time flies entirely too fast!!

This is the picture Nordstrom posted...fitting isn't it? Love me some shoes!

And I saw this one on Pinterest and HAD to have it to.  I'm the weird dorky girl who says, "Isn't it a BOOtiful day?" and "I hope you have a SPOOKtacular Halloween!"  So when I saw this...I was all over it.  I'm totally gonna send it to honey cuz he already thinks I'm a dork.   

Yep, that's totally me!  Hope y'all have a great Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lovin' October

October is definitely my favorite month. I love everything it brings and more...

I wanted to take the kids to Dewberry Farm this year but it doesn't look like its going to work out. Maybe next year.  Instead, I took the kids to a pumpkin patch close to home.  It wasn't the same but Bella loved it.

I even manage to get the resident 15 year old to sit down and take a picture with his sister.  
Always makes this momma's heart happy.

After the pumpkin patch, we ran a few more errands then headed home so pumpkin carving could begin.  Chris chose his design and got started.  Its serious business when you turn your hat around to work.  

Little sis watching and wanting to know everything....

Giving me her scary Bella face...and she's still a cutie to me :)

Christopher's finished product all lit up. It took him some time to get it all done and wasn't sure he wanted to do it again but...

The next day he carved Bella's pumpkin. 
Afterward he told me he wanted us to do this every year.  ha!

He did a dang good job.  Its takes some time and patience but well worth it when you see the finished product.  Kudos to those folks who carve a dozen or more pumpkins each year.   

Last week at school was drug awareness week so each day, the teachers asked the kids to dress up differently.  The thing that is different about Bella from Chris (other than the obvious) is that she likes to participate in stuff like this. Chris rarely wanted to do fun stuff.  Bella was most apprehensive about inside out day, but she did it....

See, you can't even tell...

Pajama Day (her favorite!)

Cool Shades Day!

I totally missed Monday's wear red day, and I can't for the life of me remember what Wednesday was because I didn't take a picture.  Shame on me!  

This last picture I'm going to leave with you just makes me smile.  So, we were at Hobby Lobby last night getting stuff for a "Day of the Dead" project Christopher is doing in Spanish.  Bella and I are walking down the aisles getting ideas for her bubba when we happen upon these masks.  I put one on so she wanted one too.  After trying on a few, this is what she ended up with...  

This goofy child walked through the store the entire time with this mask on...and you talk about a little character!  She was cracking us up.  She's a mess all the time, but turned into an extra funny mess with this mask.  I had to get it.  They cut the tag off for her and she put it right back on and wore the whole way home.  I wish it had been daylight because when cars would pass us...she would look out the window and talk to them.  Little nut!  I'm in so much trouble...

y'all have a good one!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Its Cook-Off Time in Texas!

The second half of fair week started off with a bang....or is it bust?  I came home Wednesday evening to no A/C.  Thank goodness a cool front had come through and the nights were much cooler otherwise I think we would have been bunking with some of our family.  I opened all the windows in the house so that made things better than they could have been.  I called the A/C guy (Wayne) first thing Thursday morning and honey (aka, Scott) met him at the house so I wouldn't have to take off work.  He had been down helping Tony get things together and set up for the cook-off.  Yay honey! After assessing the situation, getting a part (some dang valve) and changing it out, my A/C was running.  Big thanks to honey for handling that for me and for flipping the bill :).  I was scheduled to be off Friday for the cook-off so him being there was a huge help, otherwise I would have had to go into work Friday. Boo Hiss!  Honey did manage to help the guys get some things set up at cook-off before he took off to tend to my mess.  We headed out to cook-off Thursday night and hung out for a while...then spent all day Friday and all Saturday out there.  Sunday was tear down.  We placed 10th in Beans (thanks cousin Patrick) and 14th in Ribs (Kudos to my nephew Paul for entering those tasty ribs!!!)  We were so proud of Paul...nothing else mattered.

Our shrimp peelers...Paul, Chris, Levi & Scott...

Best of times with family....Me, Kristian & Bryan

My little cowgirl...such a little stinkpot prissy pants!!

One of our sponsors Mr. Hosaka came out to support but also wanted to help.  He dug right in and helped prep the ribs and whatever else he could.  He brought his camera and took a ton of pictures.  These are some of the few he sent us...they are so good!  I usually don't want anything to do with bbq for a couple months after cook-off but I have to say that after seeing these pics...its looks right tasty!  

Delicous Chicken...



Tony's Pulled Pork Sliders...

Secret Sauce

Levi working the pit...Tony in the background

View of our camp from the back....

It was another fun year, more fun for me because honey was able to join our family,help out and see what all the fuss was about too. Kinda hoping that man sticks around for years to come. As always, we got to see lots old friends and even made some new ones.  We love cook-off because it truly is a family affair...even Bella got in and rub some ribs down this year.  Everyone jumps in and helps.  Its a wonderful thing to observe in my opinion. If we do this again next year, y'all should come out and see us.  We'll be glad to feed ya!

We hope to see you again next year cook-off!!

Fair Time in Texas

The annual Brazoria County Fair made its way to our little town again and blew by just as fast.  As always, we enjoy our time while its here but happy to see it leave that Sunday. Honey and I started the first weekend out by seeing John Conlee & Mickey Gilley in concert.  Merle Haggard was originally supposed to perform but cancelled that Thursday or Friday before.  Kudos to the BCFA peeps for getting the fillers!  John Conlee was awesome!! Out of the two...he was my favorite, but I also knew every song he sang.  He also did a Merle Haggard song and then ended the night singing Amazing Grace.  People...I was crying like a baby.  It was one of the most beautiful versions I have ever heard.  Mickey Gilley was great too, but I didn't know every song of his, but he did perform a song tribute to Urban Cowboy and it was flipping awesome!

Me and honey at the concert....

Sunday we headed back out in the afternoon to catch my nephew Brady at Mutton Bustin'.  He held on longer than he did two years ago and didn't get stepped on this time so he was smiling. 

Two cutie cousins waiting to see Brady....

After we watched Brady, we headed to the fair where Miss Priss stopped to feed and love on all the animals at the petting zoo.  I'm telling you, it would not surprise me if this child winds up with farm and tons of animals!

After that, we went down to the art exhibit to check out Bella's award winning artwork that was submitted by her school.  
One proud little she should be!

1st place artwork folks!!  Meet Henrietta Cow.

This was the conversation between us while looking at her masterpiece...

Me:  Bella, that's an awesome picture honey!!
Bella:  I just didn't know how to draw a cow.
Me:  Well you did great!  You got a 1st place ribbon, that's #1! And I love how you gave her some eyelashes and a red tongue.
Bella:  Yeah, she had to have some glipgloss (lipgloss).  
Me:  Oh, okay...(laughing)

She had told Pop a week earlier it wasn't a very good cow.  To me, its the BEST!

I have more to share of the fair and cook-off but I'll break that into another post since this one is rather long with all the pics of my sweet girl.  

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cassie Got Married!!

My best friend's daughter got married a few weeks ago and we were there to celebrate this very special occasion.  It was the shortest wedding ceremony I have ever witnessed. These kids didn't mess around....welcome, vows, rings, announcement of Mr. and Mrs. and they are done! 10-15 minutes tops!    I snapped this one during the wedding....LOVED her dress and veil...

After the ceremony and before the new Mr & Mrs made their grand entrance, I had honey take a picture of me with my beautiful children all gussied up....

And then Christopher took one of me with honey...he cleans up pretty good!

Me with my bestie.  Now y'all, I know she's my best friend but dang she looked absolutely beautiful that night :).  She and Tod were some very proud and happy parents.

Always gonna be a good time when there is booze and music playing....
Tod and I having fun!

Tod's brother Troy is in the white shirt, Tod & Troy's mom Sheryl, Marilee and I all dancing to "We Are Family".  Admit it...when you read that, you sang it didn't you.

We had such a great time that night. Bella hit the dance floor and never left.  She even had some mommas ask her to get their kids to dance with her so they could rest.  LOL!!  Love my girl.  I wish we had gotten pictures (or video even) of her. She wore herself out, so much so that we called it an early night.  Such a beautiful wedding....cheers to Cassie & Michael!!