Friday, May 15, 2009

I Love Fridays

Friday is my favorite day of the week. Its the end of what sometimes can be an awfully long & stressful week. Its the start to the weekend...for me anyways. Think about it. Fridays are typically an easy day at work. Even if you have a lot going on, you have a skip in your step because its Friday. And if you're off on Friday (like I am today) and have appointments or running around to do, you still have a skip in your step or a smile on your face...because its Friday! Fridays are football games in the Fall, Friday Night Lights on tv, dinner with your family, the feeling of "I made it", TGIF!, the start to a long weekend, Canton bound day and sleeping in days. Fridays are just all that AND a box of chocolates!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was the best I've ever had--my kids and my husband made sure of that. It wasn't just the precious gifts they gave me, it was how special they made me feel for the day. As a Mom I always worry that I'm not doing as good a job as I can but my family made me feel otherwise on this Mother's Day. I knew that all my hard work, all the things I do for them was all appreciated and best of all, that I am loved. I love my family and I am truly grateful everyday for these precious blessings.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Man Is Back!

KING GEORGE IS COMING TO RELIANT STADIUM IN HOUSTON!!!!!!!! I have been on a high all day today! George Strait is coming back to Houston for all the ladies to swoon August 8th. Big long sigh as I gaze up and dream about those Wranglers, that Stetson, that awesome voice....sigh again....ah yes King George is most definitely...huh....what, oh excuse me while I come back to reality here. Annnnyway, yep George Strait at Reliant August 8th. I hopefully will be there swooning and singing every song from my heart...and George will look at me, smile and tip his hat like he always does and then he will thank me for being there to support him and invite me to have a beer with him and the band....Dang it...there I go again! Okay...I'm off to bed where I can dream about this in my sleep. Psst...did I mention George Strait is coming back to Houston?

Big Girl

When I got to daycare yesterday to pick up my daughter I couldn't find her when I walked into her room. I always scan the room when I walk in to see where she is and yesterday I couldn't find her. She was in one of the jumpers they have there...being a big girl. She was so adorable. I sat down on the floor and talked to her and then ran out to my car and got my cell phone to take a picture so I could send it to her Daddy. As you can tell from the picture the jumper just about swallowed her up but she was so cute and so happy. My big girl...accomplishing new things everyday. I'm going to have to start carrying my digital camera with me again for moments just like this.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Daughter

I am going to make another admission. I was terrified when I found out I was having a girl. After having two boys, what was I going to do with a girl? However, as my pregnancy progressed I grew more in love with the thought of having a girl...and now that she's here, I am thrilled to have a daughter. I have been having so much fun with her. A different kind of fun than I did with my boys. A girly kind of fun. I can't take enough pictures of her. She is just so sweet, so beautiful and so dang cute! Okay, okay I know I'm her Mommy but she is one beautiful little girl. I love watching her sleep, I love watching her eat, I love watching her play. I just love her. I thank God (and my Mom) every day for bringing her to me. Isabella Marie is truly a miracle in my eyes.