Friday, December 27, 2013


Oh my...a lot has been going on since last Saturday.  Let me see if I can get you caught up.

Saturday we were in Bay City celebrating Christmas with my Mom's family when my brother walks in, asks me for the keys to my car and then casually mentions that Chris fell out of a tree.  I seriously thought he was joking.  He tells me he's not and he needs to go pick him up because the boys couldn't carry him anymore.  Inside I'm freaking out but I'm trying to stay calm until I know exactly what's going on.  I'm told he sprained his ankle.  Flashback to Bryan falling out of the tree, emergency room, chainsaw, broken ribs, etc, etc.  We pull up and he's grinning so I know he's okay.  We load him up and take him back to the clubhouse to get ice on his ankle and was swollen.  The story is he and his cousins were playing hide n seek.  He climbed in a tree to hide, wanted to go higher, pulled on a limb to go up and it broke sending him out of the tree.  Poor kid.  Skip to Monday...he's still hurting and can't put a lot of weight on his foot.  He's walking but it hurts.  My sister and her connections get us into the orthopedic doctor in town.  An examination, questions and couple x-rays later, we find that it wasn't just a sprain but he broke his ankle.  And might I add, he did a dang good job of doing it.  See below...

Even better news...he needs surgery!  Oh my boy was not happy at all...and I didn't blame him.  Poor kid finally finds a sport he loves in running and now he's out for the spring. Surgery is scheduled for the morning after Christmas. 

Bright and early December 26th prepped and ready for surgery....

Here is what his ankle looked like before he went in....bruising and still swollen but let me tell you something. this kid was WALKING ON IT!! High tolerance for pain people, that's all I can say!
Two screws later, new footwear for about 6 weeks....
He did so good.  I was so proud of him. He is very much like his mother in that he worries and he was very nervous. We both were but he handled it all like a pro.  No funny stories to tell about him in recovery, he just couldn't believe it was over.  For him, it was very quick.  Dr. McDonald said everything went perfect, that you couldn't even see the fracture line anymore, that the screws were doing their job.  Yay!! 
Interesting week to say the least but my boy is doing fine.  Pain pills make him very sleepy so he is resting good. 
So Christmas Eve, my girl wants to play with my phone. She has games on it and she loves to play the new Duck Dynasty game I have on it now.  Her and bubba's favorite at the moment.  A little while later I get my phone and find she has taken a bunch of selfies.  Oh I laughed.  It made my day.  I made a collage of all of them.
Merry Christmas Mommy!!  Silly girl!
Later that afternoon we went to Dad's for the Berger/LeBlanc Christmas....lots of food and presents later, we were ready to head home and get ready for Santa to come see us!!
 Me and my boy...
My little family...
And I took absolutely NO pictures Christmas Day with my babies.  I think I was still trying to wake up.  My children woke me up at 6 a.m.!!  Good thing I had plenty of coffee.  We had a great day.  Their dad came to get them around lunch to have Christmas with him and I will get them back Saturday afternoon.  A little quiet time for mom, but I miss them so much.  Its almost too quiet in the house when they are gone.  Back at work today for a little while and then the weekend!! You know how I love Fridays and the weekend.  Was supposed to be off a few days next week but I believe I will be working now.  Oh well! 
Y'all have a good one!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Isabella Marie

Oh this child....the things that come out of her mouth sometimes absolutely crack me up.  I am going to try and share them with you but I have a feeling they won't be near as funny as the moment they took place.....

So the other day I'm in the kitchen cleaning up and she comes walking in there with big alligator tears and the saddest looking face...

Me:  What's wrong baby girl?
Bella:  I'm just so sad because those puppies don't have a home to stay warm.  It just really makes my heart sad for them.
Me:  What puppies? 
Bella:  The ones on TB (TV)...she don't have any homes and they need someone to snuggle with.  I want them all.
Me:  (Rolling my eyes while I'm hugging her thinking oh my Lord...)

Every Monday Bella has dance at 5:00.  Pop (my daddy) picks her up from daycare and gets her there for me.  I meet them at dance around 5:30 after I get off work.  He always has stories to tell me when I get there.  Here's yesterday's story....

Pop was loading her up in this truck to go to dance...
Bella:  I want to sit over there...pointing to the middle
Pop:  No
Bella:  Why not?
Pop:  Because I don't want to have to climb in the truck to buckle you in.
Bella:  You can go to the other side. 

Smarty pants.

Last night another one of those dang commercials with the puppies comes on.  Now I loves animals but honestly, I can't stand those commercials.  They just bug me.  And my Bella....stops in her tracks...

Bella:  Oh Mommy, look at those poor little puppies.  They are so sad because they don't have a home for no one to love them and snuggle.  Oh look at that white one...oh and that one!  Oh my goodness, look at that kitty cat. 
Me:  (Rolling me eyes thinking to myself....she is gonna be that woman with 20 pets when she grows up.  I just know it....bringing home strays, etc.  Yes, this will be MY daughter)

And while there is nothing wrong with that....Brewster is a rescue dog thank you very much.  I just think it takes an awesome person to have that many animals.  My daughter will be one of them.  Mark my words.

A little later she hands me an ad she pulled out of a magazine....

Bella:  (Almost squealing) Here mommy, you need one of these!
Me:  Excuse me??  (Its a No No)
Bella:  It take all your hair off...not here (patting her head) but on your arms and your face and your whegs (legs)...
Me:  How do you know this?
Bella:  Because I saw it on TB...and you need PINK!!
Me:  Oh really?  I have hair on my face?
Bella:  Just a little but it takes hair off your arms like this....(rolls her sleeve up to show me the hair on her arm) and will get the polka dots off your need it.

Good grief....

Monday, December 9, 2013

Coffee, Chocolate and PW's Cookbook

Sunday afternoon I sat down with a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar (one that I may or may not have hidden from my children) and Pioneer Woman's latest cookbook.  I was determined to finish reading it that day.  I've had PW's cookbook for a few weeks now, okay maybe two, and had made my way to Easter but had to stop.  I'm a mom to the busiest 4 year old who has no off switch and always wants mommy for this, that, then some and more. 

In between everything I was looking at Instagram and see this...

This is my cousin Caryn's collection.  I asked her a few years ago how many books she had, her reply was a lot.  I never dreamed this but isn't it fantastic?!!?  I'm so totally jealous.  I just thought I had a nice little collection of my own.  Ha! Mine covers one shelf!  I have a wish list that I let Amazon keep track of.  Right now, I have 12 cookbooks on that wish list, another 7 books that aren't cookbooks and 3 more books for Bella.  There would probably be more if I took the time to really look but I started this list a long time ago.  I'll hear about a book or read about one somewhere and this just seemed like a good place to keep up with it. Added bonus is if the price changes, I get notification from Amazon and most times, its easier on the pocketbook and myself to order from them instead of purchasing in a bookstore. 
Anyway, I made it to Thanksgiving in PW's cookbook and had to stop again.  I read each recipe and story as if I'm reading a book.  I will say that PW stole borrowed had the same idea I have for the family cookbook I will eventually do (how many years have I been talking about this damn book?) in that she has a story with each recipe.  This is the idea/plan I've had from the beginning.  I think it makes the book more personal and you get a glimpse inside the family and the story behind the treasured recipe.  In talking with my other cousin Dina, I decided I'm going to purchase a spiral notebook and begin writing this book as time allows.  Keep it with me so I can tell the stories as they come with the recipes.  Might even do the same for my Bella Stories and Canton Adventures.  We'll make a writer out of me yet! 
So yes, made it to Thanksgiving and will finish this book by the end of the year.  I'm not going to dare say Christmas because I know I'd probably be shooting myself in the foot on that one.  Its been a great read so far and I can't wait to try some of the new recipes I've come across.  You should go pick up a copy for yourself! 
Y'all have a good one!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Small Things

I have always said the small things in life mean the most to me.  A few things happened today to make my heart smile so I thought I would share some of those moments with you along with a few others that have happened recently..

When my niece calls or texts me to ask what shoes would go best with this or that, or which outfit do I like better.  Sometimes I wonder why, out of all the people she could call on, she asks me but I do love being the "go-to" Aunt.  :)

When my son's friends call me Momma...and will give me hugs and holler "I love you" in front of others.  Yes, they are all teenagers and no, I don't bribe them with anything.

That I am called Aunt by my heart nieces and nephews and that these same nieces and nephews, as well as my children, have gotten into arguments with other kids about whether or not they are cousins. To them they totally are! True story.  They are very passionate about being family and those they call family!

That I have family and friends I may not see very often but can always call or text and pick up right where we left off.  This blog also helps keep us in touch. 

That my Aunt Carolyn will call or text me every now and then to check on me and the children or just simply say "hello, I'm thinking about you".  She's does it more often since my divorce.  It always makes my heart smile.  Added bonus is that every single time I've asked her about a recipe, she always has an answer for me.

That my family relies on me to coordinate, set, plan, schedule (however you want to put it) family get togethers, family dinners, holidays, etc. I would be lying if I didn't say it gets to be overwhelming at times but I do love it.  I sometimes think we would never see each other if I didn't try.

For as long as I can remember, my brother has brought me his Christmas gifts to wrap for him, even if its just a bottle of wine.  And no, I don't mind at all. I love it!  He always buys a roll of giftwrap however, this year I asked for scotch tape.  I will probably be devastated when that special someone makes their way into his life and my gift-wrapping days will cease.  Somehow I think I won't have too terrible a time getting over it.

I have meals that my children, nieces and nephews request me to make for them.  I have achieved that status of having "that dish" and actually, I have more than one dish!!  Its a great feeling.

I hope y'all are noticing the small things as well.  Have a good one!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby Its Gettin' Cold Outside

Another big cold front is making its way down today so we will have rainy days and very cold temps this weekend.  I am off tomorrow so that makes me REALLY happy that I can stay in my jammies all day long at home!  I will take Chris and McGwire to school but I do believe Miss Bella and I will stay home and hang out baking tomorrow. I'll give her the option to go to daycare but my girl loves her some mommy time.

I am told I was the same way when I was just a little girl, and that many of the crying fits Miss Bella has had wanting me, I did the same wanting my mommy.  Funny, I still do that.  See my previous post on my meltdown on Thanksgiving.  I do love that she wants me all the time and loves to snuggle with me. To be honest, as much as I want her to sleep in her own bed, I know I will probably have some serious separation anxiety when she finally does.  Hopefully by then I might have a handsome cowboy to replace her.  Wink, wink.  I've quit holding my breath. 

I have friends posting about the snow on FB and I'm totally jealous.  They (Jeannie) assure me that they will try to push it down to us.  I keep hearing rumors that the conditions the winter are the same  as they were back in 2004 when we got all that beautiful snow Christmas Eve/Day.  We'll see I guess.  Sure would be nice. 

So baking tomorrow, Bella has a dance performance on Saturday morning and Sunday is wide open.  I seriously need to do some laundry and we won't even talk about the pile of stuff in my room, aka The Catch-All Room.  I really would love to transform my room into a little retreat for myself.  Its not big by any means but I would love to put a chair and ottoman in there for reading.  I think if I position everything right, it could work. But that's a whole other project that will wait for another time (probably will never happen). 

Hey...the cold front has made it.  Right now, it feels so nice out.  Slight wind but nothing too terribly bad.  The rain hits later. 

Y'all stay safe and warm!!


Monday, December 2, 2013


I had a minor to semi-big meltdown Thanksgiving evening, like couldn't catch my breath I was crying so hard type deal.  I just miss my mom so very much.  The holidays just aren't the same without her here.  I miss everything about her and I would love to have just one more day to be able to sit and talk with her, drink coffee, ask her all the things I never did and hug her until she tells me that's enough.  I've got a huge lump in my throat right now just typing this.  My poor children kept asking what was wrong and I told them I just missed their Grammy very much.  Christopher knows that when I get this way that I just need some time to get all the tears out.  He will always give me a hug.  My sweet Bella told me she would take care of me and make it all better.  I hate breaking down around them, but sometimes I just can't keep it in.  I ended up crying myself to sleep that night with Bella laying right beside with her arm laying over me.  I cried harder thinking about how mom would never know her granddaughter and how sweet and giving she is.  Momma loved Christmas...the decorations, the music, the movies, all of it.  Okay...I see where I get it from now (laughing at myself) but its a good thing, right?  I mean, its better than being a total Grinch the entire holiday season.  That just wouldn't be any fun and my momma wouldn't have wanted me to be that way. So I will keep pushing forward, keep finding ways to remember mom in the little things I do knowing that she is with me all the time and keeping an eye out for all of us.  I will smile when I can, but allow the tears to fall when they need to.

Just miss you so very much...........