Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Y'all

Wishing you peace, love & joy this Christmas. 
Have a blessed day my friends.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

As I type this, I'm at work counting the minutes until we get cut loose.  We are all hoping its at noon.  I don't think anyone should have to work on Christmas Eve.  However, I am grateful that such places are open for slackers like myself who still have groceries and one or two more gifts to pick up today. Consider having to go out with all the other slackers my punishment because let me tell you, its no fun.  I told my sister last night I was going to start my Christmas shopping in the summer next year.  I will just have to absolutely certain the gifts I buy that early will be total winners.

I thought I would show you more pictures of Hank's whereabouts the past couple of days.  This was the day the kids left for their dad's lining from the ceiling fan to the doorway...crazy little elf!

Since the kids were at their dad's house, Hank had a break until they got back.  The day they were due back was also the day my cleaning comes to the house so I had to put Hank somewhere out of the way which was hanging out of the stockings.  No picture but Bella thought it was cute.  Score for the not so great idea.  That night, the resident 15-year old told me he had an idea and would stay up to take care of moving him.  Told him he would wait to let me see it in the morning.  Fine by me!

Here's what I woke to...

That silly elf had wrapped the kitchen! And did a fine job I might add.  I loved it.  Even better, he left a pathway open so I could get to my coffee pot, ha!  Bella loved it too.  This morning he was hanging out on top of the curio cabinet with another elf taking everything in.  Slacker move.  But at least I remembered to move him.  This morning.  When I went to get my coffee.  Right before Bella woke up.

I told you I was no good at this.  Maybe I'll do better next year.

I had to share a picture of a super fun gift one of my friends gave me. Christmas Vacation glasses!!  It is one of my most favorite Christmas movies.  My girlfriend Lisa loves the movie as well and we talked made a friend of ours watch it the other night.  The next day he was in Target, saw the glasses and had to get them for us.  They come in a set of 4 so we each got two.  LOVE them!!

The last picture I have is one I took after the kids came home from their dad's.  Me and Miss Bella snuggling on the couch watching a Christmas movie.  

That's about it for now.  After I get off work and pick up groceries/gifts, I'll be heading to Daddy's house for the Berger/LeBlanc Christmas.  I cannot wait to have everything done and just be able to relax and enjoy my time off.  It will be very much appreciated this year.   I hope y'all aren't like me running around last minute, but instead, enjoying your time with your family.  

Have a great one!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elf On A Shelf - Part 2 & Other Stuff

This I know for sure....

I totally suck at elf on a shelf.  It took me a while to finally remember to put him out and then once I did...I couldn't remember to move him around.  Luckily, the resident 15 year old is helping me so Hank has been moved a few times.  Here are the times I also remembered to snap a picture of Hank and his whereabouts...

 He's holding a super cool fly swatter I found at Bass Pro Shops a few years back.  Crazy guy...

Hanging onto the mistletoe crystal.....

Flirting with Barbie looking at the Nativity under the tree and the lights on the tree...

This is by far my favorite....playing poker in the kitchen with Bella's stuffed animals. Christopher came up with this one and I LOVE IT!

the last two days Hank has spent hanging upside down from one of the blades on the ceiling fan.  We forgot to move him so we told Bella the weather was too bad for him to make the trip back to the North Pole.  #lazyasses #bigfatliars

Last weekend I gave myself a present and had my hair done.  Man, I always feel good when I get my hair done.  I don't keep up with it like I should so its always a treat for me.  I went darker and here's the end result...

Still some blonde highlights cuz I'm not ready to let go completely.  Been a blonde all my life but I do like having some dark thrown in there.

Later that night Bella and I got in our jammies, popped some popcorn and headed out to look at Christmas lights.

I started this tradition years ago when Christopher was little and continued it with Miss Bella.  We couldn't talk Chris into going with us this year but we had fun with just us girls :)  Jammies and popcorn are a must!  My kids have never been fans of hot chocolate so we take an ice cold Dr. Pepper with us as our drink instead.  I did stop at Mickey D's to get a coffee for myself this year :).

Since this is the last week of school before the Christmas Break, Bella's class is doing lots of fun stuff.  Tuesday, they had to dress like a reindeer.  I could have sworn we had antlers but I couldn't find them so I gave her two ponytails and told her to tell everyone they were her antlers.  I also put some red lipstick on her nose to look like Rudolph.  She wanted her entire nose red...little stinkpot!

I love this little mess....

Today they get out of school early and I sure wish I could leave work early to spend more time with them before they head to their dad's. They will be with him until Monday but I will have them for Christmas and I will be on vacation the minute I leave work the 24th until January 5th!!  WooHoo!! 
I always wish for 5 minutes to myself but when I do get it, I have no idea what to do with myself because its so dang quiet and I miss my babies so much.  I plan on wrapping some presents, picking up the house because there's stuff everywhere and maybe do some baking.  And you know Christmas movies via the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime will constantly be on.  Going to enjoy my time.  

Almost forgot, a couple weeks ago Chris had his Fall Sports Banquet so I went with him. He sat with his friends and my sister was kind enough to let me sit with her.  We took some pictures afterward...

Look at my handsome boy....

and with his Godmother, my sister :)

So proud. He didn't win any awards but was recognize for running with Cross Country on the JV team.  Since sister and I were at the awards and its not really any fun for our younger ones, they stayed with Pop and Nana who were ringing the bell at Kroger.  Here's a pic of these cuties with Daddy and Lena....

That about sums up some of our time the last few weeks.  I'm about 90% done with my shopping but will have to wait until pay day next week to finish up the rest.  Last minute shopping is not my idea of fun but sometimes it happens that way.  

Hope y'all are enjoying the season.  Have a good one!