Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back To School

Yesterday was the first day of school for us.  Christopher left at dark thirty for cross country practice so I didn't get a picture of him.  Had every intention of taking a picture of both the kids when we got home but it was late when we made it home and I had lots of paperwork to fill out.

Still loves holding my hand :)

Right after I took this last picture, it was time to head to her classroom and that smile disappeared.  Out came the tears and clinging to mommy for dear life.  I walked with her until I got to the front door exit and then had to let her go.  Ugh, I HATE leaving my children in tears.  I know she was fine 5 minutes after leaving me but still.  Turns out, she did have a great first day but the best part of the day was seeing her after work and the big hug I got.   Actually, she does this every day but yesterday was extra special.   I think she will be awesome in 1st grade!  

Hope y'all had a great Monday :).

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cross Country

Saturday Christopher had his first cross country meet in Cypress.  Bella and I made the trip Saturday morning to go see the stud run.  My only suggestion is there be a map on a board or something handed out to parents so they know the route the kids will be taking. I lucked out and stalked followed another family around that looked like they knew where the kids were running.  I wanted to be able to scream at cheer for my kid as he ran by, show my support and all.

almost looks like he's biting his nails because he's nervous...

Lined up ready to go.  Not sure what he was pointing at.  
He didn't remember either.

Get set...

 Here he comes...

There he is...

 And there he goes...

I tried to get in place to catch him sprinting on the last leg.  Y'all, I don't know where this kids gets his energy to sprint at the end of a two mile run but he does.  Its like he has a switch he flips and bam, he's gone! And let me tell you, its really awesome to watch.  I was trying to get into a good spot to snap a pic of  him coming to the finish line.  Momma was too slow.  Here he is after.  14.27 was his time.    

And his proud little sister.  Good job bubba!

After the race, Bella and I made our way back home and stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  We ended up actually having breakfast and it was so good.  I have to tell y'all a quick story about our time there.  We were seated at a little 2 seat table.  Bella was tired and hungry so she was sitting in my lap, not facing the table but the aisle.  I felt like she was sliding down so I went to pull her up.  Well I didn't realize she was partly under the table because when I pulled her up she let out a scream  and just started crying.  Y'all, I thought the two ladies seated next us were going to call the police and cps on me.  I felt so bad, I just kept apologizing and rocking Bella telling her how sorry I was and I didn't realize she was under the table. Those ladies really knew how to give the evil eye.  I just knew they were going to haul me off.  And y'all, they watched us the entire time we were there eating our breakfast.  I was so ready to get out of there.

After Cracker Barrel (where I purchase my daughter a new stuffed animal for nearly dismembering her), we may or may not have popped into Home Goods and picked up some Fall stuff.  I will neither confirm nor deny it,  just saying it might have happened.

Y'all have a good one!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Serious Case

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to you!!  So I thought I would share my Friday Favorites of the week with y'all.  A few other blogs I read does this every week but I have no idea how to link up with them, and I don't have the time right now to figure it out so I'm just going to give you my faves this week...

Baked Chicken

This is my momma's baked chicken.  I made it earlier in the week and it was just what I needed.  I always feel a little closer to her when I make one of her dishes.  Miss her so much...

Cheer Camp

 Bella had 3 days of cheer camp this week.  Wednesday they had a short performance for parents so we could see what they had learned.  Bella is in the middle (white shirt).  They will also perform before the home football game on the 28th.  She loves cheering.

My Babies

No matter how old they get, I will always call them my babies.  Was lucky enough to have lunch with these two after Bella's cheer performance before I had to head back to work.  I posted this picture on FB and Instagram...love my babies.  


Its just right around the corner and I am getting more excited every day.  While I know the temps won't cool off for a while yet, it doesn't mean I can't decorate come September 1st!!  


A coworker of mine suffered a stroke last week  He was very lucky that his wife reacted quickly and got him to the hospital.  Had it happened ten minutes sooner, he would have driving home.  He went home 3 days after it happened and will require speech therapy.  Its another reminder that life is a gift and you have to live it up every day as if it were your last.  There will never be a perfect time to do anything really so do it today.  Have fun today.  Tell those you care about you love them.  Hug your babies every day. Let those little things wait and enjoy your time with your family.  Life can change in an instant.  I know this.  


I'm leaving you with something funny.  Well, its funny to me and the absolute truth.  Y'all have a good one and enjoy your weekend!  There's a chance we might get some rain and I certainly hope that comes true!!  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I don't know if these are so much Bellaisms as they are stories but I'm trying hard to document all the things this child comes up with because she is so funny.  I've been told several times that I need to write a book one day.  Maybe I will.

First up...grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  I was picking up some vanilla almond milk and the conversation went down like this...

Bella:  Mommy, I've tried that milk before and I don't like it.
Me:  Well don't worry, its for mommy. I picked up regular milk for you and Bubba.
Bella:  I don't like that milk, its taste like nuts.
Me:  is that so?
Bella:  Yep, yucky ole squirrel nuts.
Me laughing...as is the lady walking next to us because let's face, Bella's not being quiet about this and continues talking about how much she doesn't like this milk because it tastes like squirrel nuts and she just doesn't like squirrel nuts.

I can't make this stuff up y'all.

We ventured out Saturday to Hobby Lobby to look for a bowl or something to display the seashells Bella found at the beach.  We also popped into Kohls as well to see if they had anything left for school clothes.  As we're walking down an aisle Bella tells me that its just silly that everything costs money, so much money.  It would be really awesome if everything was free...then everybody could just get whatever they wanted.  Wouldn't that be awesome mommy?  Yes it would honey.

Icky Shuffle...
How many of y'all have seen the GEICO commercial below?  I have to tell you, its still one of favorite commercials.  Take a look if you haven't...

Bella and I were playing Go Fish one night last week (or goldfish as she calls it) while we waited for dinner in the oven...
Bella:  Do you have any 4's?
Me:  Nope, go fish.
Bella:  Drew it!!  Ooh...44!! That's me ladies!!  Get your cold cuts, get your cold cuts, get your cold cuts!!  All the while she was dancing in her spot while she'd reciting this commercial.
She's totally mine.

I hope y'all have a great Tuesday :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Ok, So...

I think its a pretty safe statement to say I love all things pumpkin.  Given that Fall is my most favorite time of the year, it shouldn't be a surprise that I when I see a display anywhere with pumpkin decor and pumpkin scented everything, I squeal with delight.  Much was the case last night in Bath & Body Works. Y'all seriously, this smells sooooo good!  :)

This was my treat to myself for not losing my shit last night while shoe shopping with the resident six year old.  And let me tell you, I just about did. Thankfully, Christopher was with us to help me keep it together by saying "just breathe mommy, just breathe".  I'm pretty sure he was also thinking...damn, I wish I would of had someone there when mommy lost it with me a few times.  Hahaha!  Just being honest.  Its not all peaches and cream and butterflies everyday.  Anyway....you really should purchase some of this lotion. It will make you happy.  I promise.  I seriously wanted one of everything on the display last night, but I held back and only allowed myself this one treat.  We won't talk about the clothes I bought for myself last weekend.

But I will talk about how incredibly awkward it is for me to take pictures of my outfits like all these other bloggers are able to do.  I mean really...it ain't easy.  Sometimes I just want to share the things I pull together.  I know for myself, when I see what others put together it gives me ideas.  And plus, I've scored some really cute jewelry pieces lately and just need to share.  ha!  So, here's what I threw together Tuesday.

I have been wanting a yellow necklace for quite a while but never could find anything I was crazy about.  I scored this simple piece at Charming Charlies last weekend.  Doesn't it look great with this blue maxi dress.

I really am loving long pieces these days.  Most of the time, you can shorten any long necklace to wear a different way which is what I did yesterday with a Premier necklace I have but I was incapable of taking a decent picture so I can't share that look with you.  #istinkatthis

But I will show you what I wore Wednesday....

Again, crappy picture but you get the idea.  I'm fairly certain that I wore the same exact earrings with all these of the outfits however, I didn't take a picture of the earrings because well....I might scare you with a close up like this one below....

Love these earrings.  These are another Premier score.  I had a party back in April and received lots of freebies.  These were part of that.  I found this necklace below last weekend when I popped into Maurices.  The flyaway cardigan thingy I'm wearing I scored at Charming Charlies when I found the above-mentioned yellow necklace.  I also love layering which is probably reason #134 why I love all things Fall.  I'm mean let's face it, Texas summers do not allow you to layer anything.  This one is pretty lightweight + I have a sleeveless top on underneath + I'm working inside.  

So there you have it...my awkward take on sharing my throw togethers for the week.  The beauty of what I throw together is that I mix it up enough that I throw off my co-workers and they think I've gone shopping and bought new things.  And technically I did that last weekend, but you get my point.  
Hey...y'all have a great weekend!  And if you go shopping with all the other crazy tax free weekend shoppers, remember to leave half you mind at home so that you can function play well with everyone else.

Have a good one!