Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is my Daddy's 72nd birthday!  He is the best Daddy and the best Pop...just ask anyone.  This man has the biggest heart of gold.  He can be a little tough but inside he is a softy.  My Daddy has stood by my side through every event in my life, good and bad.  Sometimes, he has been the one to hold me up when I couldn't stand on my own.  I love this man more and more every day. He has taught me so much, and I hope to learn even more from him. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!!  You're the BESTEST!!!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Car

I'm ready to drive my car off a @#$%^%$ bridge! 

I told my son this morning after turning the radio down to listen to yet another flippin' noise its making (while sitting perfectly still) that I just wanted to cry.  His response was, "I know you do mommy...and I don't blame you.  Everything is breaking...the car, the house...everything".  All my extra funds (little that is) are gone.  Its literally been one thing after another since about October.  Fix the car, replace the stove, fix something else on the car, fix the garage door, fix the car, fix the a/c, now another noise on my beautiful car that I have always loved until recently.  I keep asking "why me?" and God keeps answering, "I'm only making you stronger and giving you what you can handle".  I also keep telling myself that these fixes here and there on a car that's paid in full is better than a car payment every month.  Sometimes I wonder.  There are other little things in the car that have been broke for a while.  CD player quit working 3 years ago, I have 6 cd's stuck in it, two of which are George Strait.  I know!!  The driver side sun visor is somewhat broke.  It won't stay up so I have to keep it down all the time.  Fine for me but when normal size peeps drive my car they get into fights with it.  Material on the side of the front seats has been torn for a while.  Back windows roll down but only I can get them back up.  Had to replace one already.  Oh yes...both speakers sometimes work when you plug in your iPod or other music to play.  Most of the time its just one.   And recently, my center console broke so now it stays open all the time.  Lovely huh.  Its fine if you rest your elbow on it all the time.  Ha!  And now, for the second time, my airbag light is blinking.  I've reset it once.  Guess I need to try again. 

Its all just annoying and frustrating.  And I feel awful venting and complaining when there are far worse events happening all around me.  My complaints are petty, I know this.  But for someone who is trying so very hard as a single mom to make things seem relatively undisturbed in my children's lives, these petty little occurrences sure are making it difficult.  I don't just want things to be okay for them, I want them to be great.  Maybe I expect too much but I don't want my divorce to disrupt their lives anymore than it already has.  They didn't ask for this.  Their lives need to be as close to normal as possible.  I think it is for the most part.  They are happy and healthy, and they are great kids.  I just think they deserve a little bit more from their momma. 

Ok...I'm done.  Thanks for listening to me vent.  I'm ok now.  I'm going to just go with it and try to laugh instead of cry. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Holy Heck

I have previewed two new albums due out very soon and OH.MY.STINKIN.HECK there's a lot of love out there right now....

Up first...the one and only Mr. George Strait!  His "Love Is Everything" album is flippin' awesome!!

I absolutely adore his latest single "Give It All We Got Tonight".  I'm working hard to push it to No. 1 with lots of requests, but I think my next favorite tune is "Sittin On A Fence"...great stuff folks.  Once again, the King delivers!

Next preview was the one and only Mr. Trace Adkins.  His "Love Will" is also flippin' awesome!! That man just oozes sex and hotness on this album.  If you don't believe me, go give it a listen.  Lordy, Lordy!!  "The Altar Of Your Love" is a fave as well as "Kiss You All Over" featuring Exile.  Whew!

I have always been a fan of Trace's but watching him on Celebrity Apprentice (twice now) pushed me to an admirer and fan of not only his music but his character.  He is one stand up gentleman.  You can bet your sweet ass I am pulling for him to win All-Star Celebrity Apprentice this go round, especially since I think Trump was an idiot for letting that jackass Piers Morgan win over him last time.  What a fool! 

Y'all have a good one!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Well Hello There...

Monday's inspiration brought to you by my awesome sister....I love her! train of thought is gone too!  Y'all have a good one!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cake Balls

Cake balls are a pain in the ass to make.  There I said it. 

They are fun to prepare because you get to lick the mixers....

And they are fun to eat once you FINALLY reach the last step of making these way too sugary for my taste dessert balls. 

But hey, the kids like them and had fun making them and yes even mommy had fun making them with the kids.  However, these will NOT be a frequent flyer in our house, rather a special treat.  Amen.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


My favorite 4 year old managed to successfully delete most of my apps once again.  Didn't get all of them this time but still.  I'm taking it as a sign to re-evaluate what I use and don't use.  Been on the fence about FB for a while now but put it back on.  I'm an avid user of Twitter and Pinterest so those will stay.  She did not delete Instagram but its staying.  I'm on it more than FB.  She deleted most of the games, including a few of hers.  Well...let me rephrase that, she deleted most of HER games because she thinks they are all hers.  She will play rounds of golf, match color blocks and sling angry birds like its nobody's business.  When she clears a level and sees a star, she gets very excited.  I cheer for her and wonder which game she's playing now.  Its all good. Those games have been a lifesaver a time or two.  For me, it was my way of trying to relax, take my mind off of all the crap that has me stressed out and depressed.  Until recently, it was all fine and dandy but as of late, one of my opponents in a game hasn't made it relaxing at all.  This person has been sort of harassing me, constantly sending me messages.  I've reached my limit and don't like it so maybe this was my girl's way of taking care of the problem for me.  Ha!! 

Monday my A/C was finally fixed.  The unit was very low on Freon.  There was a small leak outside but none found upstairs in the attic.  Going to watch it and hope for the best.  That was more money out the door but I keep telling myself it could have been much worse and cost a whole lot more.  Trying to keep it positive but still feel like I need an extra job here lately. 

On this same Monday, I woke up with my left eye matted shut (gunky), swollen, itchy and hurting.  I thought for sure I had pink eye.  After getting the kids off to school and daycare, I called my eye doctor who worked me in.  He said it wasn't pink eye but I do have an infection, just not the contagious kind.  Well that's good. Prescription drops with an antibiotic and I'm good to go.  No contacts for the 5 days I'm doing the drops.  I'm on day 4 and I miss my contacts.  But I will say it has been nice not having to put makeup on every day.  Not sure everyone at work is enjoying it but oh well.  I stay in my office for the most part.  I took these pictures on Day 2 when the infection has moved to my right eye as well.  Not as bad but you can still see how swollen my eyes were.  My niece told me I didn't look very well.  I tend to agree, but I'm looking a lot better on Day 4, trust me.

Sorry!  Hope you didn't get too scared!!
Cleaned out the garage Sunday and had the broken refrigerator finally hauled off.  That's where the eye doc thinks I picked up something to give me this infection.  I'm sure my shoving a box lid in my eye didn't help either.  But you know what....the garage looks great!  You can see the floor and once that frig came out, the utility room area looks huge now.  Woo Hoo!!

They are remodeling the guest bathrooms on our floor at work.  Oh the drilling!!  It is horrible.  These particular bathrooms back up to the executive offices on our floor so we get the most noise.  Its heard all over but good grief.  We've all gotten to the point of just laughing because every time one of us has to talk or make a phone call, the drilling starts.  Its like they are watching us.  Glad the weekend is nearby.  I'm not gonna miss it.

The rain last night and this morning sure was nice, although I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I got to stay snuggled up with my girl at home.  Christopher even said on the way to school that he was ready for it to rain all day.  I agreed but we then we both said...but when we can stay home!  The garden will surely like all the watering its getting, especially since we just replanted our cucumbers.  I still owe you pictures of the garden I know.  I'll get on it, I promise. 

I guess that's about it for now.  I am doing ok.  I am trying to think positive and quit dwelling on all the negative stuff.  Y'all have a good one!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Princess

She's mine.  You can't have her.  Go get your own little princess. 
I love this picture.  I am going to have a print made and hang it in the house.  I have a picture of Chris when he was a ring bearer that I love already framed.  These babies...I love them so.  Even when they (Bella) have a total and complete meltdown 10 minutes before the wedding starts.  I was beside myself, frantic, out of tricks, treats and promises.  I just wanted her to walk...and walk she did, like a pro in fact.  She was precious.  I was so proud of her.  I'm glad she saved her meltdown for me (and the other girls) in private and showed us her sweet side for all the guests and behaved herself.  Whew!
Mommy and daughter
When I can remember how to move my pictures from my camera to my computer, I will share some with you because I got some really cute pictures.  Maybe this weekend I can figure that out.
Y'all have a good one!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoping All Will Be Just Fine

I have not slept the last three nights.

I am worried about Bella and this wedding Friday.

Will she get excited about it?

Will I be able to get her down for a nap Friday, or will she be a tired, fussy, whiney 4 year old?

Will she be a precious little princess walking down the aisle or will there be a new youtube video of flower girl screaming down the aisle?

Will her dress be okay?  Will it be too itchy? Will I, at the eleventh hour, find a slip of some kind to wear under her dress? 

I am not having any luck of any sorts lately.  I am worried.  I am stressed.  I am not sleeping. 

But I'm excited for my little girl. This is her first time to be a flower girl.  This will also be her first time to stay in a hotel.  I'm going to make it an adventure for us.  I'm hopeful that all will be just fine.  I am trying to stay positive. 

Thank goodness today is my Friday and I am off work the rest of the week.

Small things people, small things.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Easter was good...ok this year.  It was a tough one, for me anyway.  I loved seeing all my kinfolks Saturday at my cousin's house but I still feel lost.  My sister-in-law even said so Saturday...
Easter Sunday was least in my head it was.  March 31st will always be a day I wish we could erase from the books. 
Here are some pictures from the weekend...
My cousin Paige's dog Holly.  Poor Holly...Bella carried her around a good part of the day.  She loved her!

My and my girl...
Getting ready for the egg hunt...
And she's off...
Headed for the good stuff...

Getting a little help from her Didi to reach the high ones...
Don't forget to check the flower pots...
Checking out what she got...
Smashing confetti eggs...(I love this pic!)

 This was taken Easter Sunday...Belly & Molly.  So sweet...
And my girl with the Easter Bunny earlier in the week...