Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Garden

The kids and I planted a Fall garden Tuesday evening.  Its small compared to what we planted in the Spring but nonetheless, its a garden.  Squash and beans....and flowers.  We did expand the size of the garden but we won't take full advantage of that until Spring.  And by "we" I mean my tiller guy, who happens to be big brother Tony, expanded it.  I just merely mentioned that I wanted something bigger for next year and he decided to go ahead and till it up now.  No harm in prepping early.  We'll see how it goes.  Tony has been having a heckuva time with his garden this Fall with hardly anything coming up.  He's given up on some and replanted others, but the radishes are growing like crazy!  Too bad I'm not crazy about them.  :(

Working hard to get it just right....

Pausing for a moment to capture of picture of mommy & daughter.  Do you like our matching boots?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Michael John

Happy Birthday to the brother I never knew, Michael John. 

I was named after you and consider it an honor.  My name is Michaela Anne.

I returned the honor by giving my son part of your name.  His middle name is Michael.

I have heard that you and I share some other things, blonde hair and blue eyes from our Mommy. 

You would have been 44 years old today. 

You and your brothers all have September birthdays. 

Your brothers love and miss you very much.

I miss that I didn't know you but yet, I feel very close to you.

I love you and miss you very much. 

Happy Birthday Brother!  I know it will be a grand celebration!

Love & Hugs,


Monday, September 23, 2013

Christopher's First Meet

My son ran in his first cross country meet this past weekend.  He ran 2 miles and placed 20th out of 36 boys running.  Not bad for his first meet and for only being at this for 3 weeks!! 

His partner in crime placed 1st!  They are the only two kids running cross country in junior high. In fact, they actually don't even have a cross country program at their level so they train with the high schools kids.  Pretty cool.  He tells me the HS kids are very supportive and encourage them all the time.  He has been so excited about running and training.  Makes this momma happy that he has found something he loves.  He runs again this weekend and I'm going to try my best to make it to this one to cheer him on.  So excited for him!! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all

Today is the first day of Autumn. 
Here's wishing you a beautiful day!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

No Place That Far

Another song in the books for my babies.  I don't have to tell you mommas that when it comes to your babies and they are in trouble or need you, you can't get to them fast enough.  I have experienced that two too many times.  But it is so very true in that there's no place that far.  I pulled out some music cd's I made several years ago with some of my favorite songs on them.  This is one by Sara Evans (with Vince Gill) that I've always loved.  I hope one day to have another special someone in my life that I feel this way about, but for now, my babies are my world.  :)

Below are the lyrics to the song by Sara Evans and HERE you can see the video/hear her version of this beautiful ballad....

No Place That Far

I can't imagine, any greater fear
Then waking up, without you here,
And though the sun, would still shine on,
My whole world, would all be gone,
But not for long,

If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I would find a way, to get to where you are,
There's no place that far

It wouldn't matter why we're apart,
Lonely minds or two stubborn hearts
Nothing short of God above
Could turn me away from your love
I need you that much

If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I would find a way, to get to where you are,
There's no place that far

If I had to run, if I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls,
Always know that I would find a way, to get to where you are,
There's no place that far

Baby there's no place that far

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Party...Crazy Cousins Style

Labor Day weekend my brother, Bella and I ventured off to Nada, Texas for the St. Mary's Church Picnic.  When we were younger we would attend the picnic every year.  Grandma Berger lived just down the street so if we got tired or too hot, we'd walk back to Grandma's house.  Even after she passed away, we continued to go for a few years...and then we stopped.  Tony and I have been talking about going back but never made it happen.  We made it happen this year.  A bunch of our crazy cousins were going as well so we made it a family affair.  It was hot but the cold beer and shade made it bearable.  Bella had a fabulous time and was plum wore out by the time we left.  It was a good day.  We arrived around 11:30 and had lunch.  The auction started at 1:00 and ended after dark.  I have never stayed there the entire time but this was truly a family affair.  The "cousins' took up a whole bleacher.  We were all bidding on stuff, laughing, visiting, drinking, eating and sending Bella for more light up rings!   

Bella with her "tattoos"....
Aunt Marilyn & Aunt Tina proudly holding Aunt Tina's purchase of her brother's homemade Mustang Grape Wine.  Uncle Frank (Marilyn's husband, Tina's brother) passed away last October. 
The auction had three bottles of his wine.  I couldn't tell you who bought the first but Aunt Tina purchased the 1/2 gallon and Shari (Uncle Frank's daughter) bought the gallon jug. 

The crazy cousins contributed to the purchase of the jug. 
The best damn wine you'll ever drink!
Sharla, Tony and myself enjoying the recipe!

Here are all of us crazy cousins showing off our light rings we got from Bella's many trips to the fish pond.  :) 
This was the best day I've had in a long time.  You just can't beat spending time with your family.  I guarantee you an awesome time with our family!!

Y'all have a good one!  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Notes From Our First Dance Class

Yes, I did type "our first dance class" because it was mine and Bella's first day.  I have never been to a dance class nor have I ever taken dance but I came away with lots of notes that I would like to share with you... 

  • Arrive in enough time to get a good seat.  Up front where you can actually watch your daughter practice.  Not stuck behind the family of 40 who come to watch one child.  Yes I'm exaggerating but damn people, have some manners and sit down please.

  • Have your daughter try on her tights before the first day of dance class to make sure they actually fit her.  Apparently they come with wide-ass feet!  Who knew?

  • Dress comfortable.  Try not to come straight from work with heels on.  I was fine but when one has to take her child to the bathroom and you must walk across the gymnastics mat, the girls cringe at the sight of your heels. Tippy toe walking in heels is not as easy as you think. 

  • Bring tissues for two reasons.  One, you may cry at how beautiful your daughter looks.  Two, your daughter may need to wipe her runny nose as its very cold in the practice area. 

  • Wear light clothing.  Its warm in the "watch" area.

  • In the off chance you arrive late and get a back row seat, bring something to entertain yourself as straining your neck to see your child gets old, plus it hurts. 

  •  Throw a granola bar and bottle of water in your bag as well.  Thirstiness (a word my sis and mom came up with) and the urge for a snack hits when you least expect it. That hour can last longer than you think.

  • Ballet is absolutely beautiful, even when its little ones learning the craft.

  • Most importantly, when your child waves or smiles at you, wave back, give her thumbs up and blow kisses so she knows she is doing an awesome job, then motion for her to pay attention.

My girl did a great job on her first day.  She started out a little rough but quickly came around and got in the game.  They started with ballet so she was a little disappointed. She prefers her "clacking" shoes (tap) to her ballet shoes.  I'm going to make some adjustments to her attire (tights) and prepare my Daddy as much as I can because next Monday, he will be getting her ready and taking her. That, my dear friends, is an awesome Pop...and Daddy!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend

It only took me a week to do this but I wanted to share a few pictures from last Friday's game.  Miss Bella got to cheer with the big girls before the first home football game.  I didn't know until right before they did the cheer that she was going to be on top of the pyramid!  Look at my girl go!!  Arms up and big smile!!  I love it! 
They did Two Bits, and I was so proud that she was actually cheering and yelling this time around, not doing so much of the shyness bit like she did the last day of camp. 

And up we go!!  All for the Wildcats stand up and holler!!

This is Bella and Carli before they hit the field.  These girls have just really bonded.  They adore each other.  Carli didn't know it until I told her but her parents and I went to school together. So cool. 

Me and my Boo after she was done.  One proud momma.

Bella and Carli afterward...
It was a fun night.  Bella had a great time and said she most definitely wants to do it again next year.  I think I might have a little cheerleader on my hands.  Good times ahead.
I hope y'all have a great weekend.  Stay tuned for pictures from St. Mary's Church Picnic last weekend.  It was a great family day!
Have a good one!