Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day & A Birthday

Today is Independence Day and my mommy's birthday.  She would have been 76.  

She has been around us a lot lately, especially last Saturday.  Cindy and I had a garage sale at her mother-in-laws house.  We were sitting in the heat waiting on our customers when Cindy says, "Look, a cardinal, momma is here"  I didn't miss a beat with my reply, "she's not going to miss out on a garage sale".  And the cardinal was a female.  She flew around us all morning.  Later that evening when Bella and I were at the fireworks, she was there again.  This time through music and fireworks.  While the fireworks were going, you could tune into a radio station and listen to music.  Lo and behold, "God Bless Texas" came on.  That was one of her favorite songs and she loved Texas and fireworks.  I love it when she makes her presence known.  I know she is with us all the time, but when little things like cardinals appear, its reassuring and comforting in a way.  

Happy 76th Momma!!  We love and miss you every single day. 

Happy 4th of July!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 3rd of July

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Today is a good day and its a Monday!!  LOL!!

Nothing significant going on, I'm just in a decent place.  I feel good today and I'm happy.  This is huge for me because I feel like I have been in a funk for a long time now.  

Me and my sweet girl one morning last week.  She almost always gets up before I leave for work to see me off.  She says, I just need to see you and hug you before you leave.  #ohmymeltingheart

 We are down to less than a week before my vacation begins and I cannot wait.  I'm ready to chill out and relax for a glorious 12 days.  We will hit the beach for a week with the family and then shift to the river for a few days.  My vacation begins this Friday at 5:00 p.m.

I've pulled out most of my red, white and blue decor.  I did snap a picture of this area that welcomes you when you enter our home.  Remember those magnolias from Canton?  Those are it in my watering can.  I picked up Uncle Sam on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year. I had seen him early on but didn't want to spend the money.  Deanna, Kristian and I ran to the Hobby Lobby in San Marcos last summer when we went to the river.  There he was for only $7.  Couldn't pass that up.  My Family, Friends, Freedom sign is a few years old. I think I got that at Kohls but I'm not certain.

My children ended up spending the weekend with me.  Christopher had to work Friday and Sunday. He is a cook at the Chili's in town. So proud of him.  He is enjoying it, although he would rather not make salads.  hahaha!  Bella and I went to hang out with my friend Lauren from work Saturday evening.  We went up to the fairgrounds and watched fireworks.  They were awesome.  We sat with Lauren's brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their boys.

Bring on the fireworks!

Sunday, Bella and I went to pick up a few groceries but first we made a drink stop at Sonic.  She found her sunglasses in the car and had me take her picture.

And yes, that is a blanket on her.  I may have had the A/C blowing really cold in the car.  ha!

This is a little cross stitch project I've been working on since last weekend.  Bella loves flamingos.  She found this one and asked me to make it for her.  Its coming along.  

That's about it for us.  Mommy has been working every day and the kids have been chilling at home.  Lucky kids.  When Chris has to work, Bella stays with my sister or daddy.  They have been kind enough to help me out with her this summer so I can have a break from daycare costs which has been wonderful.  

Hopefully we will get off work early today to begin our July 4th holiday.  I will be off tomorrow but back to work Wednesday for a short 3 days and then.....VACATION!!  I may have previously mentioned that but I wanted to make sure y'all didn't miss it.  :)  

Have a great week!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wasn't The Plan

I didn't plan on ignoring my blog for almost a month but that's what happened. Truth is, work has been crazy busy that I'm mentally exhausted whenever I get home that I just want to relax and not think about anything for at least 30 minutes, or longer. The last few weeks of school were a blessing because Bella had no homework (thank you Jesus) so other than making sure Christopher had all his work turned in and was prepared for finals, it was relatively easy. These last two weeks of work has had my anxiety and stress levels at an all time high. I finally hit a breaking point yesterday. Thank goodness for co-workers who were willing and able to jump right in to help a girl out.  I actually left work on time yesterday thanks to their help.  I came home, ordered pizza for supper, grabbed an ice cold beer and sat outside for a while with my sweet kids. I'm out here again tonight for a bit. It feels too nice to be inside, although we need to spray the yard because those pesky mosquitoes keep finding us.

My vacation time is just around the bend and I can't wait to be off and relax for a good 12 days. Other than maternity leave, this will be the most time I have ever taken off from work. We will start out at the beach house this year and end at the river. Momma can't wait. The kids are pretty anxious too.

Speaking of the kids, they are happy to be done with school, well Bella is. Christopher has to take 3 weeks of summer school to get a half credit in English. He failed the first semester, past the second but not enough to pass for the year. I'm not even going to get into this because I have talked and cried enough for everyone and then some. He will take care of business these 3 weeks and go into his senior year ready to kick ass all year. Bella ended the year with the A/B Honor Roll. She has already checked out books to read for the summer and almost done with summer reading program where she can receive a free book, just for reading 10.  Of course Christopher thinks this is nuts. Can you say night and day?

Well I'm going back inside because although I have sprayed, the mosquitoes still love my legs. Hope y'all are all well and enjoying your summer.

Love & hugs!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend started with my work's annual Take-A-Child Fishing Tournament. We have been hosting this tournament for 17 years now.  Daddy brought Christopher to fish one year but when he realized he couldn't win because I worked for the Port, he gave that part up and started helping elsewhere at the tournament.  For several years, he passed out bait to all the kids.  This year, he stuck with me and helped me get all the door prizes ready.  Makenna was also able to join us this year.

My crew...

Bella and Christopher's cousins came out to the fishing tournament so Bella opted to go hang out with them so she could fish too.  I went to check on her before I got really busy.  Here's my little fisherman..

We had almost 300 kids show up for the tournament.  Not too bad considering it was Mother's Day weekend.  Jackson, Henry, Piper and Makennah all caught some fish and participated in the weigh in but didn't win the big prize.  They all had a lot of fun and plan to come back next year.  

Sunday started with coffee and this delivered to me...
Cinnamon waffles minus the syrup and fruit.  Yum!

We spend the morning being lazy and after lunch we went to my dad's where Tony was cooking for the ladies.  I was summoned inside the house and told not to look out any windows.  After a few minutes, I was summoned back outside where this was waiting for me...

My boy had built his momma a fire pit!!  


I haven't fired it up yet because I want to remove the old pit that is on its last leg and made a pretty sitting area.  Or prettier than what is there now.  ha!  So, so proud of my son.  He is really taking off with his welding, getting better all the time.

Proud momma with her babies....

For the first time that I can remember, I bought Bella and I semi-matching dresses.  One of my blogs featured my dress a while back and I loved it.  It went on sale last week so I thought about getting it.  While I was looking, I just happened to catch a glimpse of Bella's dress so I decided to get both for Mother's Day.  Let's all say "awe" together....

This was also my first DADIM, although I didn't share it with the FB page however; I have been wearing a dress every day since, just haven't taken pictures.  See how bad I am at this.  I had every intention of doing so but work has been so crazy that I just forget to ask someone to snap a quick picture.  

my sweet girl...

I also have to share with you the cute flower pot Bella made at daycare...
(psst...you can see the print of my dress I wore today)

 This had more Jolly Ranchers in it but some little girl decided she needed them, hahahaha!

I brought it to work to use once the candy is gone.  It'll sit next to this flower pot Christopher made for me many years ago.  The sunflower is actually a pen :) 

It was a good day and weekend spent with family.  
We came back home and and topped off the weekend sitting outside for a little while listening to a little Merle Haggard :)

Hope all the mommies out there a great weekend with their babies.