Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fair Week - Part One

Last Friday was the first day of the annual Brazoria County Fair.  Its no secret that I love the fair, but I will say that as much as I love it, it is getting more expensive every year to spend as many days there as I'd like.  The kiddos were with their dad last weekend so this momma had a free weekend.  I started Friday night by going to see Clay Walker at the fair.  Oh man, he was so stinkin' good.

I would love to be able to tell you he is singing his hit "Fall" right here but I can't.  I was so into the song when he was singing that my phone never made it out to get a pic.  I stole this one from Lauren.
The one below is mine.  :)

I went with Lauren, her husband and his mom.  Lauren and I were chomping at the bit to get there.  We didn't want to miss our man singing to us. 

My sister was working that night with the 4H group servings drinks.  I was just about to text her when she found me dancing and singing. She said she recognized my hips when they were swinging.  LOL!!  

And then I ran into these two cuties who obliged their Aunt's request for a picture with them

Saturday morning, Lauren and I went to the parade.  I hadn't planned on going but found it mid-week that Bella would be in the parade with her daddy on the BASF float.  I had to go now!  I also found out my niece Makenna was also going to be in the parade.  

Here we are hiding from the sun.  

When we first arrived, there was not a cloud in the sky but thankfully some clouds started rolling in to shield the sun off and on.  Lordy it was hot.  

Here's my girl with her daddy....

And here's Makenna on the YAC float...

Later that night, Makenna and Brandon were in the calf scramble so Lauren and I headed back up to the fair to watch them. I'd love to be able to share some great shots with you of them wrangling calves, but I did too much screaming and hollering.  I did get after pics though.  Brandon caught, Makenna did not.  However, Makenna snagged the hardluck/sportsmanship award so she received a calf as well.  Makenna helped several other kids out and in the process gave up her rope.  Luckily one of the committee members saw all of her efforts while in the arena.

Two nuggets post scramble...

Proud Aunt

That wrapped up the first weekend of the fair.  Roger Creager and Cody Johnson played that night but after we came back from getting a bite to eat, there were entirely too many people and kids everywhere so Lauren and I called it a night at 10:15.  I must be getting old because I had no desire to deal with a bunch of teenagers.  Funny story about Roger Creager.  So Cindy, Lauren and I are walking back from the arena to the 4H tent.  As we are coming out of the area where the concert is we here a gator honking so people will move and they can cross the road.  As they cross right in front of us and Lauren hollers "Hey, thats Roger Creager!"  Roger turns around around and gives her a wave!  So freaking awesome.  None of the other fifty million kids there recognized him. ha!

We will be back at the fair probably tomorrow since it is a free entry and then again on Saturday.  Bellamy Brothers are playing and I'd really like to hear a few of their hits.  We'll see if I can negotiate that with Bella.  

Have a good one!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Jace Andrew

Yesterday would have been your 15th birthday my love.  I have no doubt we would have spent the day at the fairgrounds since this is Fair Week.  Your Aunt Cindy texted me yesterday morning saying that she thinks you and Brandon would have been best buds...pool sharking at the fair, doing calf scramble together, and driving the girls crazy because of how good lookin' y'all are.  I have always thought the two of you would be two peas so I agreed with her 100%.  I also think Makenna would be right there with y'all.  Yesterday was not a bad day.  I cried only a few times.  I think having the day to myself was a good thing and very much needed.  I am always thinking about how things would be if you were still here.  How this permanent hole in my heart wouldn't exist, and how differently I would perceive life.  You changed it all.  Much of it was for the better and I consider that my blessing.  I wish I could have learned these lessons in a different manner, but this is the path God sent us on.  I have often said that I didn't ask for this path and it sucks big time, but its the path I'm on and I try very hard to embrace it rather become bitter.  Happy heavenly birthday my love.  I know you had a wonderful day and that Grammy was celebrating with you.  Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, I miss you terribly Jace.  Until we meet again my son, I love you forever and always, Mommy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Round Top & Warrenton

This past Saturday, Bella and my friend Lauren loaded up and hit the road to Round Top to do some junking, antiquing and boutique shopping. I was a little hesitant to take Bella because I knew there would be meltdowns, especially with as much walking we would be doing but I was optimistic, thinking only of the memories we would be making. 

Our first stop was the Junk Gypsy Headquarters in Round Top.....

We arrived about 20 minutes prior to opening so we hung around and took pictures.

So it was meant for a photo op....


After that we headed to Warrenton for more shopping.  We did so much shopping and had so much fun that we didn't take a single photo.  Honey had asked that I take pictures of furniture and home decor pieces that had been made using reclaimed wood so he could get some cool ideas.  I had every intention of doing that and I tried at several places but was met with "ma'am, we don't allow pictures of our pieces." Fun suckers.  I do understand. They don't want copycats out there, and honey could totally make a lot of the pieces we saw. 

It didn't take long for my Bella to wear out.  It felt good in the morning but around lunch time it got hot quick and that will make anyone fussy.  Me!  I was fussy.  We walked and walked and walked and shopped until we had to make our way back to the car for a break to unload all the goodies and wine Lauren bought.  You may not think so, but four bottles of wine gets heavy quick!   After resting, eating a snack and refilling our drinks, we headed back out for more.  Bella had a skip in her step and caught a second wind.  We all were.  Late in the afternoon, we were more or less on the junk and antique side of things but happened upon a homemade see-saw and HAD to try it out....

We tried to get Bella to join one of us but my child refused to get on.  There were people nearby laughing at us.  I like to think they secretly wanted to try it out but weren't as brave as Lauren and I were.  Truly, it was one of the highlights of the day.  

We left around 7:00 and drove to Columbus for supper and I hit my wall.  I was so tired and so ready to be home.  We all could feel a layer of dust on us and desperately wanted showers.  We ate and hit the road for the last leg home.  My shower never felt so good and my bed felt even better.  I had so much fun and will definitely go back but I will add that its getting tougher to walk 7 miles up and down hill.  My legs hurt so bad Sunday and Monday.  Whew!  I did grab some fun things and will do my best to snap pictures of everything to share.  

Friday, September 22, 2017

It's Fall Y'all

Saturday morning I cleaned house and then put up my fall decor and then Sunday, Bella and I swung over to Lowes in hopes of finding mums and we lucked out!  

I love mums.  I always have but they also now remind me of my sweet baby who was born in October.  I remember receiving lots of mums when he was born.  As you can see, we also found a cute jack-o-lantern at Lowes.  This one has a battery operated candle in it.  I haven't decided where I will put Jackie :).  I have a planter on my porch that I have always kept mums in, along with a geranium and this past spring I added a mosquito plant (citronella plant).  Well, sometime in the summer something got a hold of everything in that pot and killed it all.  Really ticked me off because because about this time of year, the mums really start producing blooms and its so pretty.  The smaller mums went in that pot and the larger one I planted in the flower bed around my pecan tree out front.  I have two others there as well that I planted last year, but of course I want more! I did see the stores are beginning to get pumpkins in but I decided to wait a bit.  Its been so dang hot this last week that I'm afraid those guys would rot out sooner rather than later.  Not sure how long I can wait because I do love me some pumpkins.  

I'm so very happy today is the first day of Fall but Lordy I wish it would cool off and these 90 degree temps would back the heck off.  

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!