Monday, November 20, 2017

Catching Up

Hey there!  Its been a while since I've been here.  I've thought about blogging but something would always come up and I would forget about it and before I knew it, nearly a month had passed by.

Here's a little bit of what's been going on since I last met with you....

I went to an Aggie game.  Yes, I can hear you all saying "WTH" out loud.  My cousin Shari is an Aggie alumni and has season tickets to all the home games.  She had three tickets available one weekend and invited my brother, Bella and I to join her.  They had to talk me into it.  What ultimately convinced me was there was food, drinks, family and football.  Even if it was Aggie football, I couldn't argue with the food, drinks and family part of it.  I did not go to school at the University of Texas but I am a Longhorn fan forever.  Aggieland has a very different atmosphere and that's all I'm going to say.  I also wore my longhorn bracelet that day. You can see it on my wrist below. I had my horns up!

This was the only piece of clothing I took with BURGUNDY scarf!  LOL!!
As I told my niece, brother and cousin.  I don't have a problem with the color, its the logo you put on it that I turn my nose up to.  Here is me and Toot at the game.  We made it through halftime and then went back to the camp to tailgate and watch the Astros.  Ok, everyone else finished watching the Aggies but this girl watched the Astros.  Hahaha

The following Monday, the Port hosted its Annual Golf Tournament.  
That's me, Nick and Lauren putting out sponsor signs at each hole.  

The next day was Halloween!!
Here's my Day of the Dead Cat (that's what she called herself)
She was the cutest!  Everyone LOVED her mask.  

I watched the World Series and lost tons of sleep like every other Astros and Dodgers fan out there.  
Of course the best part was watching the Astros bring home that championship!!

Veterans Day Bella and I went to the parade to see two of our favorite Veterans in their very first daddy and my brother.  Lena's brother-in-law Thomas rode in the parade with Daddy and Tony as well.  He served in the Air Force, while both Daddy and Tony served in the Navy.

 Here's Daddy and Thomas....

Tony was at the end of the float....

Here are all three of our Veterans ....

There was a ceremony at the stadium after the parade so we walked over for that.  It was amazing. The parade was amazing.  I have never cried that much through a parade before.  So proud of all our men and women.  We all stood for the entire parade and cheered as everyone drove by us.  It was awesome!!

I don't think I've mentioned that Christopher is taking a floral design class this year.  This momma is reaping the benefits of it.  He has done two "holiday" projects and I have been the lucky recipient. 

Here was October's project...
That was a real pumpkin!  It held up for so long.  

I don't know why this picture is coming out so fuzzy because its clear everywhere else. GRRRR...
Here is November's project.  A turkey!!  Isn't he adorable!!  

I love that he is taking this class and also a little bit envious.  For many years, my dream was to have my own flower shop.  Love, love, love that he is doing this and that I get to enjoy his class projects.  

Last but not least, its Thanksgiving week so I am working a couple days and then taking off the remaining week.  We are celebrating at Daddy and Lena's house Thursday.  I am making dressing and double-layer pumpkin pie, plus anything else I feel like making.  I am going to slowly de-fall my house this week and get ready to put Christmas up.  I do want to show you the turkey I finally broke down and purchased a couple weeks ago. I have been drooling over this guy since I first saw him way back in July when Hobby Lobby put all their fall decor out.  Bella and I had to run in there for crafts for a project she was doing for school so I told myself if he was still there, I would get him. I lucked out because there were only two left.  I love him.  He fits right in.  

So that's what I have been doing.  
I have made progress on Christmas shopping but not enough.  Hoping to change that this week.  

Happy Turkey Leg Week to y'all!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

May you receive lots of sweet tricks and treats this Halloween!  
Enjoy the evening and GO ASTROS!!!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fair Week - Part Two

Get ready for picture overload of my girl!  We wrapped up the fair this weekend and as usual, I'm glad to see it gone for another year.  Whew!

Since it was free entry Thursday, we went out after work so Bella could check out all the exhibits.  We really didn't do much, just kind of walked around to see everything and say hello to our friends at the cook-off.

"Brothers and sisters are friends".....Bella
And we all are most of the time.  haha

Friday we hit the rides and let me tell you, this was probably the most fun for both Bella and I.  Bella really loved the fast rides this year.  She would get off hollering "woohoo" and ready for the next.  I loved it because she was so happy and excited.

Decision, decisions...what should I do next?


These were the only two good pictures I got of her with the animals. There were so many kids in there that the animals were running all over the place.  I think it was overload for them.  It made me a little nuts too.  Needless to say, we didn't stay long because it was not as enjoyable as past years.

Back to the rides...

Before she got on this ride, she gave me specific instructions.  
"Now mommy, when I get on here, you need to take my picture and send it Paul."
These are the pics I got, and he loved them!

Pause for a selfie with my girl...

Later that night we were back at the cook-off.  Bella was content with some friends she made so Lauren and I took a walk to go see another co-worker who was in the cook-off as well.  We stopped for a pic of us with our matching koozies.  You can't see the writing on them, but they say, 
"I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little"

Me and brother waiting on awards at the cook-off.  
Our friends didn't place but the food and company were awesome!

Lastly, I didn't plan on entering anything in the Kitchen Pride Bake Show or the Rice Plus Cook-Off this year but after receiving holy hell from co-workers and friends on Thursday, I reconsidered.  They all said "you must defend your honor" so I came up with a recipe and look what happened.  Yours truly took home first place and grand champion in the Rice Plus Cook-off with a Rice-Pumpkin Bread.  The same recipe took second in the Kitchen Pride Bake Off.  Bella was so excited for her mommy.  I guess I have found my talent...baking!

Glad we are starting a new week and the fair is gone.  I do have an interesting weekend coming up.  I may or may not have been talked into going to an Aggie game.  I know, I know....I'm still struggling with it.  But as my crazy cousin pointed out, its football, good food, good drinks and family!  I can't argue with that.  Y'all have a good one!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fair Week - Part One

Last Friday was the first day of the annual Brazoria County Fair.  Its no secret that I love the fair, but I will say that as much as I love it, it is getting more expensive every year to spend as many days there as I'd like.  The kiddos were with their dad last weekend so this momma had a free weekend.  I started Friday night by going to see Clay Walker at the fair.  Oh man, he was so stinkin' good.

I would love to be able to tell you he is singing his hit "Fall" right here but I can't.  I was so into the song when he was singing that my phone never made it out to get a pic.  I stole this one from Lauren.
The one below is mine.  :)

I went with Lauren, her husband and his mom.  Lauren and I were chomping at the bit to get there.  We didn't want to miss our man singing to us. 

My sister was working that night with the 4H group servings drinks.  I was just about to text her when she found me dancing and singing. She said she recognized my hips when they were swinging.  LOL!!  

And then I ran into these two cuties who obliged their Aunt's request for a picture with them

Saturday morning, Lauren and I went to the parade.  I hadn't planned on going but found it mid-week that Bella would be in the parade with her daddy on the BASF float.  I had to go now!  I also found out my niece Makenna was also going to be in the parade.  

Here we are hiding from the sun.  

When we first arrived, there was not a cloud in the sky but thankfully some clouds started rolling in to shield the sun off and on.  Lordy it was hot.  

Here's my girl with her daddy....

And here's Makenna on the YAC float...

Later that night, Makenna and Brandon were in the calf scramble so Lauren and I headed back up to the fair to watch them. I'd love to be able to share some great shots with you of them wrangling calves, but I did too much screaming and hollering.  I did get after pics though.  Brandon caught, Makenna did not.  However, Makenna snagged the hardluck/sportsmanship award so she received a calf as well.  Makenna helped several other kids out and in the process gave up her rope.  Luckily one of the committee members saw all of her efforts while in the arena.

Two nuggets post scramble...

Proud Aunt

That wrapped up the first weekend of the fair.  Roger Creager and Cody Johnson played that night but after we came back from getting a bite to eat, there were entirely too many people and kids everywhere so Lauren and I called it a night at 10:15.  I must be getting old because I had no desire to deal with a bunch of teenagers.  Funny story about Roger Creager.  So Cindy, Lauren and I are walking back from the arena to the 4H tent.  As we are coming out of the area where the concert is we here a gator honking so people will move and they can cross the road.  As they cross right in front of us and Lauren hollers "Hey, thats Roger Creager!"  Roger turns around around and gives her a wave!  So freaking awesome.  None of the other fifty million kids there recognized him. ha!

We will be back at the fair probably tomorrow since it is a free entry and then again on Saturday.  Bellamy Brothers are playing and I'd really like to hear a few of their hits.  We'll see if I can negotiate that with Bella.  

Have a good one!