Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life Lately

So life lately has been hot, really hot.  But I don't have to tell you that because I'm sure you already know it, especially if you're here in Texas.  Have I mentioned to you before how much I dislike summer?  I am very much my mother's child.  I like the a/c and I don't like getting all hot, sweaty and stinky (I'm making an "eww" face as I type that).  I do like sitting in a pool with a beverage or floating down the river.  If water is an option to help stay cool, I'm okay.  Otherwise, just let me stay indoors.  That's just me.  Now my sister is another story.  She LOVES this time of year.  We are quite opposites when it comes to weather.  Ha!

Before I get to life lately, I need to back up and share a couple of pics with y'all.  These were taken Father's Day weekend at our cousin's house in Blessing.  They hosted the second annual Vyvial Father's Day Pool Party.  Christopher went fishing with his buddies, so Bella and I went to spend the day with family.  First thing I got to do when we arrived was meet this sweet little thing...

This is Addie.  Isn't she just precious  She belongs to my cousin Sumer and her husband Clint.  She made her debut a little early but is doing great.  After snuggling for a while with the baby, I changed clothes and sat in the pool where it was much cooler and watched this little nugget play in the water all day long.

Sadly, those were the only two pictures we took but it was an awesome day with family.

Last weekend, the kids went to their dads for a few days.  Honey was working all weekend so I made the trip north to see him after he got off work.  We were able to spend some much needed time together, especially since it had been two months since our last visit.  Life and kids have kept us both busy so we've had to stay connected through many phone calls.  But we've done it and I am happy to report that we are doing really good.  :)

Before I hit the road, I got in some sister time at the nail salon.  Cindy and I both got pedicures.  I also got a manicure.  I couldn't decide what color I wanted on my nails so the girl suggested a french tip.  I agreed but I'm still on the fence about it.  Its all polish but I'm just not sure.  I guess because I have short nails.  Its also the shellac so it will last a good while.  We shall see.  

After getting our toes purdy, we headed to Pearland to check out the Costco there.  We were like kids in a candy store y'all.  Big eyes, walking up and down every aisle and comparing prices.  There were some things that just made sense so we would snatch it up but some things we weren't sure about so we made notes for now to compare with Wal-Mart prices. After all the shopping, we headed home so I could get ready and head out to see my honey.  I took one picture of us at dinner but it was on Snapchat so its not saved.  It probably is somewhere but I don't know how to find it.  Ha!

Sunday I headed back home when honey went to work.  My kids were coming home too so I wanted to be there when they arrived.  Monday we started early by having breakfast at my sister's in-laws house to celebrate Brandon's birthday.  He turns 13 tomorrow (7th).  Kids are growing up too fast!  After that Makenna, Bella and I went to a few stores to pick up some tops and summer dresses and then it was home for naps until supper and fireworks.  

My crew...

Waiting on fireworks....

One last thing.  I find this hard to believe but I don't think I shared this wreath with y'all last year when I completed it. I looked back and didn't find anything which is so unlike me, especially since this one is extra special. 

The material I used for this came from my Grandma Berger's collection of fabric. She has been gone for 16 plus years now so that's how long I have been hanging on to this fabric waiting for a special project.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found something last year.  With the exception of the burlap strips in it, the rest of the fabric is from Grandma.  

More pics and views of it....

I made a smaller one for Daddy that doesn't include the burlap and had just enough fabric left to make and even smaller version for the Popp Family Reunion silent auction last summer.  At one time, I had more fabric from Grandma but those pieces were used to make blankets for the babies.  I love how this wreath turned out.  Nothing but love in it.  

We are 8 days away from vacation......I am so ready!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th

I hope y'all have a spectacular 4th of July holiday!!

Special Happy Birthday wishes to my momma in heaven.  
We'll be setting off some fireworks for you later in the evening.  
I love and miss you everyday momma.