Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Boy

My know the one I was ranting about a few weeks ago.  The one that had my stomach in knots, me in tears and worried about not making it through the 7th grade.  Yes, that one.  Well he made it!  Barely pulled through but he did it.  And not before his Uncle Tony had a "come to Jesus" talk (was more like yelling) with him one evening.  I get that he is a teenager and at a stage where he probably doesn't care about school and or anything that's remotely involved with it....but how in the world can I get through to him how important school is and that these are the best years of his life.  Maybe my brother got through to him.  Maybe he was the one who finally did it.  Only time will tell.  I am glad and very thankful he is moving forward but I do worry that next year will be another difficult year.  I pray that I am wrong and that something inside him has snapped already or will snap this summer and he will come out fighting and working his butt off these next 5 years.  I have great expectations for my children.  Doesn't every parent?  For now, I will continue being grateful that he made it and enjoy our time this summer...and wait to worry when I really do need to worry.  Awful big statement there Missy!

This child may cause me to worry and lose sleep but he really is a great kid.  He has one of the biggest hearts I know and is awfully protective of me and his little sister.  He's my bodyguard :). 

Cool dude...

Fresh haircut...

 Minute To Win It at the Popp Reunion...

My little family at the reunion
Me and the boy having some fun and
now one of my favorite pictures of us. :))

Y'all have a beautiful day!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

DADIM - Weeks 3 and 4

Well I blew it these last couple of weeks.  I either wore dresses and didn't take pictures or I just slacked off all together....

Here's what I did get...

Day 21
All from the back of the closet...except my ring which is James Avery. 
Mother's Day from my babies.  :)

Day 23
Back of the closet
During the week I wore the dresses...weekends I slacked off.  The last two days of the month I blew it as well with no dresses.  Total loser I know. 
But it was fun participating in DADIM again this year and I will probably give it another go next year.  I did pick up a few fans along the way and let me tell you...they totally called me out when I wasn't in a dress!!  They looked forward to seeing what I would put together and what new I had added since last year (not very much).  It does make you get creative in putting your outfits together in trying to come up with something new.  :)