Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I started this post 2 days ago and I'm still working on it.  I was so dang tired on Monday from the big nasty storm that rolled in during the night.  I didn't sleep at all.  Usually the rain puts me right to problems.  But that storm was horrible!  The lightning and thunder was just awful.  At one point I panicked big time because I thought we had a tornado but it was the rain coming down so hard and heavy.  While I understand there's a huge difference in rain and a be up listening and worried about everything, I totally panicked.  Took me a while to calm myself down after that because I was ready to grab the kids and run for cover.  But the babies slept right through it all, just not momma.  By the time I closed my eyes, my alarm went off.  Needless to say I was dragging all day Monday.

Tuesday was much better..sleep wise.  I felt good and rested.  Work is just crazy so I'm trying to figure things out.  Not sure how to handle everything other than to sometimes take one minute at a time and take lots of deep breaths.  I had some time yesterday to get caught up and make lists so that helps but I still need to work on keeping everything straight.  So worried I'm going to forget something or not get it right. There is so much going on, that at times it hits all at once and I get overwhelmed.  I know I can do this, just need to figure my groove out I guess.  Will find it. 

Last Friday was PINK OUT night at the varsity softball game.  My sis called me earlier in the day to ask for a little help before hand.  So when I picked up Chris after school we met her at the field and helped them get PINKED OUT.  One of the girls was talking about how short I was and wanted to see me and Cindy standing next to each other so we did and ended up with a picture.  Cindy's sis-in-law got her those hot purple sunglasses she has on...she's so proud. 

After we finished getting some things done she had a little time so I asked her to braid my hair.  I can't remember the last time it was done like that but I wore it in a braid all the time in high school, especially on game days.  I took a pic just because it had been so long...

Chris thought it was cool.  Told me "Mom I've never seen your hair like that, it looks good."  Sweet boy of mine.  I would also like to add that I amazed him with my speed Easter weekend.  We were having some fun with friends and I took off chasing someone.  Later when we got in the car to leave he said, "I didn't know you could run that fast!"  LOVE it!!

Monday night my sweet Bella was running all over the house with her brother's mask on scaring everyone.  She thought it was hilarious...and if you screamed really loud, that was even better.  Loved hearing her laugh like that.  She had the best did Chris and I.  You KNOW I had to take a picture of this sweet girl with her mask on.  I told her to!!

All in all, its been a good week seeing that today is only Wednesday.  Still trying to figure out how to handle things but I think sometimes its an ongoing matter with work and life in general.  Things change so you have to figure out how to adjust and how to handle them all over again. If its important to you and matters enough to you, you'll figure it out.   

Have a good one!   

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Love

I surely hope you and yours had a very special Easter weekend.  Ours was quite busy but we had fun the entire time.  Good Friday was a day off for the kids and I, so the day was spent grocery shopping, cooking, baking and preparing for the next two days.  Friday evening we had dinner with some purdy wonderful friends and had a great time.

Saturday we spent the day at my cousin Diane's house for Easter with my mom's family.  It was a gorgeous day and I loved spending time with everyone catching up and visiting.  We don't get together often enough but sure hope that changes.  They are great therapy for me and as I've said before, I always feel like I'm with my mom when I visit with the aunts....not the same but sure feels like she's there.  :)

Here are a few pics from our day....

Awaiting the great Vyvial Egg Hunt 2012 to commence...Bella was so excited! Chris chose not to hunt this year...

And there she its amazing how much they change in a year.
She was all on it this year gathering those eggs! 

Counting her eggs and looking for prize eggs. She was such a little hoot!

I managed to get Chris to stand still long enough to take some pictures of the three of us....

Easter Sunday the kids awoke to baskets from the Easter Bunny.  I was so tired from the day before I didn't even think about taking pictures.  Bad mommy I know.  We went to Daddy and Lena's house later to spend the day there.  It was very relaxing.  They just had some remodeling done at the house and had a pergola put in out back.  Oh my gosh...I sat in the swing under that thing and just about went to sleep.  So nice.  I helped Bella do some fishing and then tried my hand at it.  Didn't get a fish but I snagged a turtle!  I was so excited.  Here are some pics from yesterday..

Yes, yes...another picture of me and my babies. I can't have enough of them. :)

Me relaxing in the swing I mentioned before. This was my view...can you say "ahhhhhh".

Me and the boy. Is it just me but is this boy handsome or what!?! Love him so.

My girl fishing. She's got this! We had to cast for her but she could reel it in with the best of 'em.

Me and my big catch of the day...Mr. Turtle!

This is the swing with two little monkeys in it...Bella and Brady.

All in all we had a great weekend.  Can't remember the last time I smiled and laughed that much.  Been too long.  Should put that on my "To Do List" every day....

1.  Smile
 2.  Laugh

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Keep Smiling

More pictures to share and why I do keep smiling...

The family got together for dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday.  We were done eating and goofing around with the kids.  My niece decided to make headbands with names on them for Brady and Bella...the first is Bella's picture.  My sister was holding her hair up beside her ears....

Here is Brady's headband...

And the two little hams together...

My nephew Brandon is playing baseball again this year and asked me to come to his game the other day.  He was so awesome and happy to see me after the game.  He took a picture with me afterward.  I love this picture.  He is so sweet

And then here are the hams again, Brady and Bella...they absolutely love each other. 

Between my babies and my sister's, they keep a running smile on my face.  The occasional positive thinking on my end, great friends and family also help.  I do have a great life and I am thankful for every bit of it everyday.  The hardships make me stronger.  It make suck on the way, but I win in the end.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Making It Clear

Let me make something clear.  I do not claim, nor have I ever claimed to be a perfect person. I've made mistakes.  I've made bad decisions.  I've had times where I didn't think things through...hence the bad decisions and mistakes.  But I've learned from those mistakes and I think they have made me a better, wiser and stronger person today.  I still have so much to learn and so much to understand.  I know that no matter where my home is with my kids there will always be gossip, there will always be stories of some poor soul who doesn't have a clue.  I can only imagine what has been said about me through the years.  Its stings.  It stings a lot.  I try my best to be a good person and I think I am. I mean no harm to anyone.  Why others find the need to hurt me is something I am still trying to figure out.  My best guess...and this comes from a dear friend of mine who I know is no traitor...those people are jealous.  Jealous so much that this is the only way they know how to hurt me and feel better about themselves to some degree.  Jealous of me?  That I will never understand.  I struggle with life just like others do on a daily basis.  No life is perfect.  No matter how beautiful, great and perfect it looks on the outside, someone is always struggling on the inside....and just maybe possibly thinking you have the perfect life.  Think about that for a moment and put yourself in someone elses shoes before you go judging and making life miserable for others.